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We all love cats because they are independent. These cats like to be alone and enjoy their space. Meanwhile, when they are with you, they will be very friendly. 

One day, they are no longer attached to you. Instead, they become more distant and less visible to you. You can ask: Why won’t my cat cuddle with me anymore? 

This phenomenon can come from your care or the cat’s psyche. So we offer you this article to answer that question. Keep reading this post to learn more!

Why Won’t My Cat Cuddle With Me Anymore?

Why wont my cat cuddle with me anymore
Why Won’t My Cat Cuddle With Me Anymore?

There can be many reasons for this case; We think 5 factors led to her change:

  • She feels trapped.
  • You raised her wrong.
  • She is in pain.
  • She feels stressed.
  • Age

What we need to do is dig into each cause. Get started now!

She feels trapped.

This reason usually stems from your cat’s lack of personal area. We all know cats are very independent and value their personal space. They will become aloof if there is no personal space. 

So you must ensure that your cat has plenty of hiding places. She likes to be alone! Besides, cats don’t like crowded environments.

They can’t be comfortable with too many people moving around in their area. 

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You Raised Her Wrong.

You Raised Her Wrong
You Raised Her Wrong

Chances are that the wrong way you raise your cat also keeps her away. Cats will be more attached to you if you show them affection since she was a kitten. 

Meanwhile, she will gradually become more independent if you don’t spend time with her. Then she will stop cuddling with you.

Exposure from an early age is essential. This process helps your cat get used to human interaction. Over time, she will not feel uncomfortable when you cuddle and vice versa.

But you can rebuild trust now if you haven’t done that since she was a kitten. Thus, spend more time with your cat. And show her that being around you can be a positive experience.

Besides, cats will feel sad if you scold them. Thus, refrain from raising your voice to them! They need gentleness and respect.

She Is In Pain.

Cuddling will make your cat uncomfortable if she is experiencing some pain, so identify the signs of pain in your cat. Then it’s critical to take steps to ease her discomfort.

Cats’ resistance is not good, so they often get sick. Their common ailments include dental and digestive diseases. Usually, when they are sick, they will move less and chirp when you touch them because this action makes them painful.

Another symptom is loss of appetite. Cats will often stop eating when they are sick. They will spend most of the day sleeping and enduring pain.

In this case, take your cat to the vet for a checkup. Veterinarians can diagnose the underlying cause of the pain. They will recommend suitable treatments. If left in this situation for a long time, it will seriously affect her health.

She Feels Stressed.

She Feels Stressed
She Feels Stressed

If your cat used to be very affectionate but now seems aloof, it may be under stress or anxiety.

At first, your cat will be stressed if the habitat changes suddenly. Maybe the reason is that you move, let your family have a new member.

The sudden change in their habitat disrupts their habits. Usually, it will take a few days to a week for them to get used to their new environment. 

During this time, they will lose their appetite and stay hidden. Many sensitive cats also lose sleep. If your cat is adaptable, this stressful period will pass. Meanwhile, she will probably be in a state of stress if she is a sensitive cat.

So when changing the digital environment, you should always be with your cat. This way will help her feel safe. From there, it will be easier for her to get used to the living environment.

Also, provide her with a comfortable hiding place. So she can retreat if she feels overwhelmed. If your cat is severely stressed, you must talk to your veterinarian. 

They may recommend medications or other treatments. They will help your cat feel more relaxed and comfortable.

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As cats age, their behavior and preferences may change. During this stage, you may find them cuddling you less. 

They may want to spend time resting or sleeping. Older cats need more sleep than younger cats. They may become less active as they age. 

But they still love and appreciate their owners. It’s just the way they show up differently. So if your cat is old, you should not force her to cuddle you. Instead, accept that phenomenon and love your cat more.

Other Factors

Besides, your cat won’t cuddle with you anymore if you keep her in a cage. Cats are very easy to stress. So they will hate you if you lock them up.

Although cats may seem cold, they are very affectionate. If their loved one suddenly disappears, they will become distant. 

For example, if one of your cats dies, the other will fall into a state of depression. This problem will cause them to become distant and stop cuddling with you.

Our advice is to identify the cause of her separation. 

Do Cats Have Less Affection With Age?

Do Cats Get Less Affectionate With Age
Do Cats Get Less Affectionate With Age?

Honestly, cats can become less affectionate often because of their personalities, not because of age. As they get older, they’ll become less energetic and cuddly.

Even though they don’t cuddle you, they do show affection. They can sleep near you. Or they can be located in places or your presence. So you shouldn’t equate them with being less active than they’ve stopped loving you.

Older cats will love their owners more. Instead of spending hours playing, these cats love to lie down and watch their owners. That behavior shows that they care about you.

Yet, in some negative situations, your cat can develop age problems. This problem also leads to alienation. If you notice other unusual signs of health, you should take your cat to the vet.

Overall, every cat is unique. And she will have personality and preferences when being loved. Some cats can become more affectionate with age. 

Meanwhile, others may become less affectionate. Thus, observe your cat’s behavior and respond suitably to her needs and preferences.

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How to Get The Cuddles From Your Kitten Again

How To Get Your Cat To Cuddle You Again
How To Get Your Cat To Cuddle You Again?

If your cat’s problem of not cuddling you anymore isn’t due to a health issue, there are ways you can improve your relationship with her.

Pay Attention To Body Language

Cats are sensitive to your body language. They don’t like fast movements. Those movements startle them and frighten them. Thus, interact with your cat gently.

Besides, they will feel comfortable when you bend over when talking. This action makes them feel cared for. And from there will cuddle you more.

Also, defeat must be careful with how he expresses his feelings. Don’t touch places cats don’t like their tails. They will become distant and annoyed when you repeatedly do that.

Give Her Some Space

We’ve talked a lot about how cats love their own space. If your cat avoids cuddling and love, it may be time to give them space.

First, you have to respect their boundaries. You also can’t force them to cuddle. Since whether or not they cuddle you is partly down to their personality, you shouldn’t be too pushy.

Besides, make sure the cat has a cozy space. She will be comfortable relaxing. What do you think if you buy her a small bed? She is sure to love it! 

Play With Your Cat

Cats love to play. They can spend hours just chasing an insect. So you will improve your relationship with your cats by playing with them.

This way will make the cats bored. As a result, chances are they’ll constantly swarm you to invite you to play with them.

Cats love to play games that involve moving stories. Thus, you can buy items like mice or toy insects to keep them entertained.

If your cat is too violent, you should stop the fun. In this case, you must train your cat to control the behavior. If not, she might damage the toy.

Also, don’t forget to provide enough nutrients for your cat. She becomes irritable whenever she asks for food when you don’t feed her. Gradually, this problem will make her not want to interact with you.


Now you know the answer to the question: Why won’t my cat cuddle with me anymore? Although there are many reasons for this phenomenon, you must be gentle and respectful to her. 

Cats need privacy, so if you bother her too much, she will become aloof. She may also become nervous and scared if you treat her too harshly. Thus, be very patient when raising a cat. For more tips on raising a cat, visit our website!

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