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Welcome to my comprehensive guide on the top 5 cat foods with large kibble. I explore the realm of feline dining with big bites of delight! 

Why focus on large kibble? Many felines prefer a more substantial crunch, relishing the tactile sensation and the satisfaction of sinking their teeth into a larger piece. 

Also, larger kibble can contribute to dental health by promoting chewing and reducing the likelihood of plaque buildup.

Let’s dive into my in-depth reviews to determine your cat’s best choice!

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Best Overrall

IAMS Adult Cat Food

  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids

  • High protein content

  • Hairball prevention with the proprietary fibe

Best Overrall

Overweight Cats

Purina ONE Cat Food

  • Support weight management

  • Include animal-sourced fat

  • High protein content with real chicken

Sensitive Stomachs

Hill's Science Diet Cat Food

  • High palatability

  • Good for sensitive stomachs

  • Include Vitamin E and Omega fatty acids

Best For Scent

Blue Buffalo Cat Food

  • Good chicken scent

  • High-quality ingredients with deboned chicken

Best For Flavor

ORIJEN Tundra Cat Treat

  • Have a captivating taste with raw animal ingredients

  • Contain high protein content

  • Good for digestive health with vitamins and minerals

The Best Cat Food With Large Kibble Reviews













Ready to dive into my review? I have listed the top picks after trying many options. So let’s choose the best cat food with a large kibble with me!

#1. IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Cat Food – Best For Overall

Editor’s Ratings:

Brand: Iams | Form: Dry Food | Flavors: Chicken | Life Stage: Adult

What We Liked:

– Rich in omega-3 fatty acids;
– High protein content;
– Weight management support with L-carnitine;
– Hairball prevention with the proprietary fiber.

What We Didn’t Like:

– Contain animal by-products and low-value plant ingredients.

Product Highlights

My cats were always indifferent to their previous dry food. But this IAMS cat food has completely changed that.

My cats’ response to this cat food has been remarkable. Among them, my picky Siamese won’t touch any other brand or flavor for long.

She was immediately attracted and started licking it when I took the bag out of the box. It was interesting to witness her curiosity. 

When I opened the bag to transfer the kibble to her carrying case, she couldn’t resist and tried to climb into it.

I quickly handed her a spoon, and her enthusiasm further confirmed her preference for the dish. She gobbled it up faster than any other brand I’ve tried.

Beyond the taste, I appreciate the health benefits of this cat food. It was originally chosen for my Siamese cat due to her specific health needs, but it has also proven beneficial for my overweight cats thanks to L-carnitine.

Furthermore, although this cat food is a nutritious part of my daily dry food, I also use it as a snack for my cats.

Finally, this formula is especially beneficial for my British longhair cats. It helps prevent hairballs, a common problem with these cats.

#2. Purina ONE Natural Dry Cat Food – Best For Overweight Cats

Editor’s Ratings:

Brand: Purina | Form: Dry Food | Flavors: Chicken | Life Stage: Adult

What We Liked:

– Support weight management;
– Include animal-sourced fat;
– High protein content with real chicken;
– Tasty for picky cats.

What We Didn’t Like:

– High carbohydrate content.

Product Highlights

My vet has recommended this Purina ONE; it has proven to be especially beneficial for my two overweight cats with its chicken ingredients. 

I have mixed this cat food with wet food to give them a better meal. My cats have adapted well to the menu change and like the cubes more than other food they have ever had. Whenever I open the box containing it, they eagerly jump up and start chewing.

Since switching to this formula, they have lost weight and are much healthier. Thus, if you are looking for a source of nutrition for your overweight cat, Purina ONE is your destination!

Also, their overall health has improved, and their bellies seem happier with this balanced diet. Besides, their fur has become shiny, and they have no dandruff or other problems.

All in all, this cat food has won over my cats. Their excitement, improved health, and positive response are clear that this brand and flavor are perfect for my cat.

#3. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food – Best For Sensitive Stomachs

Editor’s Ratings:

Brand: Hill’s Science Diet | Form: Dry Food | Flavors: Chicken | Life Stage: Adult

What We Liked:

– High palatability;
– Contain high-quality protein with no animal by-products;
– Good for sensitive stomachs;
– Include Vitamin E and Omega fatty acids.

What We Didn’t Like:

– Leave tiny crumb sheddings that can attract ants.

Product Highlights

One of the reasons I originally bought Hill’s Science Diet foods was because my friends recommended them. And the good news is that my cats love them!

I have been feeding my tabby cat this food since she was a kitten, and she is three years old. Thus, I believe its taste is very appealing to even the most demanding cats.

Besides, my vet recommended this diet when my kittens had soft stools. This food immediately boosted their digestive health with the easy-to-digest ingredients. 

I tried switching to different brands a few times, but that caused digestive problems for my cats. So I reverted to this option and have no intention of changing again.

But I notice that food tends to leave behind small debris, which can sometimes attract ants.

#4. Blue Buffalo Cat Food – Best For Scent

Editor’s Ratings:

Brand: Blue Buffalo | Form: Dry Food | Flavors: Chicken | Life Stage: Adult

What We Liked:

– Good chicken scent;
– High-quality ingredients with deboned chicken;
– Good for coat and weight with natural fiber sources.

What We Didn’t Like:

– Not for cats with egg or seafood allergies.

Product Highlights

My experience with Blue Buffalo cat food has been positive in my cats’ enjoyment, coat condition, and weight control. 

When I opened the package, I found it had a fragrant chicken smell. Some of my cats upstairs immediately smelled the scent and rushed down.

I have divided my cats’ diets into small portions scattered throughout the day and night, and they always eat them all and seem to enjoy them.

Besides, I have tried many different ways of preparing this cat food. Specifically, I added milk or processed it with water in the microwave. As a result, my cats have enjoyed my creations.

Also, their coats look very beautiful. They also maintain a reasonable weight. So this cat food is safe and healthy for my cats.

But the sad thing is that my British cat does not eat this food. It doesn’t seem like this recipe is for picky eaters.

#5. ORIJEN Tundra Cat Treats – Best For Flavor

Editor’s Ratings:

Brand: ORIJEN | Form: Treats, Freeze-Dried | Flavors: Tundra | Life Stage: All Life Stages

What We Liked:

– Have a captivating taste with raw animal ingredients;
– Contain high protein content;
– Good for digestive health with vitamins and minerals.

What We Didn’t Like:

– The servings in each pack are small.

Product Highlights

ORIJEN Tundra Cat Treats are the tastiest option on this list. Whenever my cats catch the scent of these treats, they search high and low to find them. I love watching my cats gobble up this food.

After enjoying these foods, they become hyperactive and full of energy. I love to see them running around the house like a flash of lightning.

This cat food is a healthy choice for my older cats. I have noticed minimal weight loss since giving them these treats, which makes me a happy cat owner.

These treats have been a lifesaver when giving my picky tabby cat medication. My girl needs daily heart medication; getting her to take it is always a problem. 

I wrapped her pills in pill pouch pieces and then crumpled some of these treats onto her plate. Remarkably, she swallowed them whole without chewing!

In short, these ORIJEN Tundra Cat Treats have been a hit in my family. I am happy with the results and will consider trying other flavors!

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What To Consider When Buying Cat Food With Large Kibble

What To Consider When Buying Cat Food With Large Kibble

The following factors will help you choose the right cat food brands for your cats’ needs!

Cat’s Size And Age

For large cats, such as Maine Coons or Ragdolls, larger kibbles can be beneficial. It encourages them to chew and eat more slowly, promoting better digestion and reducing the risk of choking or overeating. 

On the other hand, smaller cats or kittens may have difficulty chewing or swallowing smaller foods. 

Thus, choose cat food that is the right size for their small mouth and teeth. This tip will ensure they can eat and digest food comfortably.

In addition, you must consider the age of the cat. For kittens, you must provide a diet that supports their growth and development, including smaller crumbs that are easier for them to consume. 

Meanwhile, older cats can benefit from specialized formulations to address age-related issues such as general health or weight control.

Nutritional Content

First, consider the nutritional content as follows:

  • Protein: Cats are obligate carnivores and require high levels of animal-based protein, such as chicken or fish.
  • Fat: Cats need healthy fats for energy and to support various bodily functions. Ensure the cat food contains appropriate fat from animal sources like chicken fat or salmon oil.

Carbohydrates: Opt for cat foods with corn, wheat, or soy, as these can be hard for cats to digest.

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Allergies Or Sensitivities

When purchasing cat food with a large kibble, it’s vital to consider any allergies or sensitivities your cat may have. Here are my guidelines:

Identify potential allergens

Determine the ingredients that trigger a reaction if your cat has a known food allergy or sensitivity.

Read ingredient labels

Ensure it has no ingredients your cat is allergic to or sensitive to. We recommend looking for limited-ingredient diets or hypoallergenic formulas that avoid common allergens.

Consider novel protein sources

If your cat has developed sensitivities to common protein sources, consider cat foods that use novel protein sources like duck, rabbit, or venison.

Ask your veterinarian

They can help you identify the specific triggers and recommend suitable cat food options.

Remember, every cat is unique, so it’s essential to observe your cat’s reaction to the new food and adjust as needed.



Choosing the right cat food with a large kibble (large pieces) can significantly boost your cat’s overall health and satisfaction. The top five cat foods highlighted in this article offer various options catering to many nutritional needs and taste preferences.

Among them, IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH adult cat food has been recognized for its commitment to providing balanced nutrition, promoting oral health, and addressing specific dietary concerns. 

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