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You will find that your cat loves to sleep with you if you live with it for a few years. But it hasn’t recently been like that.

So why did my cat stop sleeping with me? You need to find the cause and solution if you are worried about this situation. 

Wait no more! Please roll down our article to find the answer!

Why Did My Cat Stop Sleeping With Me?

Why Did My Cat Stop Sleeping With you
Why did your cat stop sleeping with you?

There may be many reasons why your cat stopped sleeping with you. Some reasons may include:

  • It wants to change the sleeping place.
  • It is undergoing a period of change.
  • The temperature is not right.
  • There are changes in the house.
  • Your bed is too low or too high.
  • It has health issues.

Let’s keep reading to get in-depth explanations!

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It Wants To Change The Sleeping Place. 

It may be a natural behavior for the cat if you realize that it has stopped sleeping with you. Independent creatures have their interests and needs.

Cats can choose to change their sleeping points for many reasons. Perhaps they are experiencing stress or anxiety. So they need a quiet place to relax. 

In this case, your cat can still love you and enjoy your time. But it only needs to find a new place to sleep.

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It Goes Through Periods. 

The natural behavior cycle that cats pass can cause this phenomenon. When cats go through these instinctive stages, they may be less interested in socialization. 

Instead, they are more focused on exploring their environment or hunting. So they seek alone to rest and sleep.

Besides, this problem may be related to its age. Cats can become more independent when they get older. So they like to sleep alone.

The Temperature Is Too Hot Or Too Cold.

Temperature Issues can affect your cat
Temperature Issues can affect your cat

Cats are sensitive to temperature changes. They like the warm and comfortable environment to sleep in. Your cat can become restless, gasping for breath if the room is too hot. As a result, it will look for cooler spots in the house.

On the other hand, it can become uncomfortable if the temperature is too cold. So it looks for warmer places in the house.

There Are Changes In The House. 

Cats are creatures of habit. Changes in their environments can often cause stress and anxiety. If there are changes in your home, your cat can stop sleeping with you. These changes may be:

  • A new furniture
  • A new person or pet
  • A change in your schedule

In particular, the addition of pets or new people to the household makes the cat most uncomfortable. 

Cats are territorial animals. They may feel threatened by the presence of an animal or new person in their space. So your cat can sleep in another room or location to avoid conflict.

Besides, if your life changes, your cat will feel disturbed. As a result, it chose to sleep in another place. Finally, changes in the physical environment of your home can also affect a cat’s sleep habits. 

For example, if you rearrange the furniture of a room, it may not feel relaxed as before. So it can find a new point to sleep to feel safer and more familiar.

Your Bed Is Too Low Or Too High.

Your Bed Is Too Low Or Too High
Your Bed Is Too Low Or Too High

Cats like to sleep in high positions. They provide cats safety and a place to track around them. It may be uncomfortable when your cat jumps up or down if your bed is too low or too high, and it can choose to sleep elsewhere.

If your bed is too low, your cat can sleep on windows or bookshelves. On the other hand, it can sleep on the table if yours is too high.

Thus, consider this cause and adjust the height of the bed as needed. Make sure any platform or box you add is firm and safe. And there is no danger or sharp edge that can hurt your cat.

It Has Health Issues.

If your cat has health problems, it can make them stop sleeping with you. Cats are sensitive animals. When they are experiencing pain or discomfort, they can perform some strange behaviors. They include sleeping in some locations.

Many health problems can affect your cat’s sleep habits. For example, your cat may be hard to jump up and down from the bed if it has joint pain or arthritis. 

So your cat can choose to sleep in a more comfortable position. They may be a cat bed on the ground.

Besides, it may have problems with urinary or digestive tract infections. So take your cat to the veterinarian to check if you suspect it has a health problem.

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How Can I Get My Pet To Sleep With Me Again?

How Can I Get My Pet To Sleep With Me Again
How Can I Get My Pet To Sleep With Me Again

Cats are known for their independent nature. But many cat owners like their cats to sleep with them at night. There is a way you can do it to prevent it from sleeping with you. Here are some tips:

Create a comfortable sleeping environment.

It is vital to give them a comfortable and attractive sleep environment. Ensure your bed is clean and not messy, and give your cat a soft and comfortable bed.

Provide dishes or rewards.

Cats respond well to positive consolidation, so consider providing cats or rewards for cats. Reward them when they sleep with you, and you can also play with your cat in bed to create positive actions with space.

Spend quality time with your cat.

Cats are social animals. And they like time with their owners. Hence, you can strengthen your relationship. So, you encourage them to sleep with you again.

Use the soothing scent.

You can use the soothing scent. It may be the smell of lavender or chrysanthemum. It helps your cat relax and feel more comfortable in bed.

Solve any health problems.

If your cat has health problems, it is critical to treat them. So, take it to the veterinary for medical examination and treatment.

Be patient and persistent.

It may take some time for your cat to get acquainted with you again. Be patient and persistent in your efforts. And don’t give up if your cat doesn’t return to your bed immediately.

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Why did my cat stop sleeping with me? Instinct, period, temperature, changes, bed height, and health issues can cause this strange behavior in your pet. Although this behavior is not serious, it can make your cat away from you.

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