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Hi, I’m Robert Taylor, the founder and voice behind Cat Wellness. I am a cat lover, I have more than 10 years of experience in the best care skills for cats.

Robert Taylor, Editor

Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor

What is our Mission

We’re here at Catwellness.net to provide you with the information you must give your cat with the best possible life. You’ll discover everything you need to provide the greatest care for your cat—all in one place—from in-depth reviews of cat products to articles written by veterinarians on cat health issues, medications, and more.

Catwellness.net is your trusted cat care ally.

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Meet our Expert Panel

Cat Wellness was truly a team effort and remains to this day. Let me take a moment and introduce you to our team. Many of them have been writing to us for many years.

Wendy Blount
Dr. Wendy Blount

Veterinarian at Southwood Drive Animal Clinic. Educator at PracticalVetMed Seminars.

Erin Gerow
Dr. Erin Gerow

Dr. Erin Gerow graduated from the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2016.

Amy Cummings
Dr. Amy Cummings

Dr. Cummings grew up in Wadsworth and West Akron and started working at Creekside while in high school.