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Sleeping with your lovely cat is a pleasant experience. It will be much more interesting if your pet feels the same. Luckily, most cats love that. 

Yet, some cats may give you the cold shoulder, no matter how close they are to you when sleeping. Then you may ask, “Why does my cat only cuddle at night?” 

This article will help you understand your pet’s behaviors. For a complete guide to this species, let’s follow our lead!

Why Does My Cat Only Cuddle At Night?

There are many reasons for this behavior. In most cases, cats cuddle at night because it helps them feel safe. They can also relax after a hard day. 

Cats can’t talk. Yet, you can understand their languages while keeping an eye on their behaviors and expressions. We will explain the case in different ways.


Wild cats face numerous risks at night. In addition, the thought that they are not alone and can’t see well makes them insecure during the night. 

The same case goes for cats as pets. So they will find your bed and sleep with you for safety and security. 

Another reason for your cat cuddling during the nighttime is that your body can produce the heat needed for him to stay warm. 

The average body temperature of cats is around 102°F. Despite their furry coats, these animals can’t maintain the temperature. 

As a result, cats want to use the heat from your body to regulate theirs. So be gentle with them if they cuddle at night.

Cats often feel safe when they sleep with their owners
Cats often feel safe when they sleep with their owners

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Your cat may be cuddling at night because they miss you while you are away during the day. They thus want to show you their happiness to see you back home.

This reaction is more common in dogs. Even so, cats may express their affection by giving their cuddles and love. 

Interestingly, some cats show their affection when they are still kittens. Their personality and temperament during that time depend significantly on your affection for them. 

So, if you make the kittens feel the positive meaning of cuddling, they will be more likely to cuddle you when they grow up.


We are tired when the night comes, and so are cats. If your pet feels sleepy, he will run to your room to take a rest. 

During the day, cats can sleep on their own bed or the sofa. At night, though, they need a more comfortable bed. In this case, nothing is better than your place.


Cats spend much of the day sleeping. Hence, they may remain active during the night. However, most casts prefer sleeping more. 

As a result, even if your pet doesn’t enjoy hugging throughout the day, being near you might be one of the most calming places for him.

Your cat may need
Your cat may need relaxation


Our houses are busy all day. If you have children, bedtime will be the only peaceful moment that their screaming and laughter stop. 

Cats feel the same way. Similarly, they appreciate the nighttime when they can rest without bothering about the noises. 

The quietness in your home at night might help your cat unwind, making it an ideal time for cuddling. 

Besides that, if he wants to sleep for a short time on your chest, no kid will rush over to grab and disturb him.


Cats are routine animals. They will therefore cuddle at night if it’s a part of their routine. Although not all cats follow the same pattern, it stays true to the majority. 

The routine lets the cats know what will happen next. However, they still look forward to their daily activities. It’s because the habits relieve these animals’ anxiety about their surroundings. 

Nightly cuddling may be annoying sometimes. For example, you won’t want to have your pets around when trying to sleep after a hard working day. Even so, try not to break their routines.

Perhaps cuddling is a part of their routine
Perhaps cuddling is a part of their routine

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Let’s talk about our sleeping habits and preferences first. Like, we all want a comfortable place to sleep. Soft and warm beds, therefore, are what you need to improve your sleep patterns. 

Similarly, cats like comfortable places to relax. Hence, they don’t mind wandering around your house to find an ideal spot. 

And as you expect, your bed will be the perfect destination for your four-legged buddy. Obviously, they want to share your room just to enjoy the comfort of your soft blanket and mattress.

Cuddling Breed

Depending on the breed, cats will either cuddle more or less. If you want breeds that like to cuddle, research carefully before your cat adoption. 

The research can’t ensure you have a cuddly cat. However, it can increase your chance of meeting a partner with the same characteristic.

Some cat breeds are more likely to breed than others
Some cat breeds are more likely to breed than others

Why Are Cats Friendlier At Night?

Similarly, cats tend to be friendlier when the sun goes down. But why so?

Crepuscular activities

Because cats are inherently crepuscular, they will be active at night. For example, they may play and hunt more during this time. You may also notice their affection and friendliness. 

Cats who live outside are more inclined to this behavior. They may relax and sleep during the day in the comfort of your house.

Low environmental stimulation

Usually, your house is calmer at night. Cats may be less stressed as a result. In most cases, this quiet atmosphere would make them friendlier and more cuddly.

Additionally, the absence of visual stimulation in the nighttime makes them more dependent on other senses, like touch and hearing. As a result, they tend to find their owners as companions.


The temperature also affects how active cats are. To be more specific, they will be friendly when the weather is cool during the night. 

Moreover, cats’ fur can retain heat; therefore, they will feel more relaxed and comfortable under cool conditions.

Cats are generally friendlier at night
Cats are generally friendlier at night

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Why Do Some Cats Cuddle In The Morning?

Cats may want to cuddle in the morning, too. And here are some possible reasons:

  • Your cat associates you with food. He will therefore find you and cuddle in the morning to remind you of his breakfast. 
  • Some cats are playful in the morning because they have taken a good, nice sleep.
  • It’s often cool in the morning. Hence, cats can be active and feel more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I ignore my cat meowing at night?

It depends on the reason for your cat’s midnight meowing. For example, you need to address his problems if he needs food or water. But if he simply wants your attention, you should ignore him.

2. Why is my cat meowing loudly at night?

If your cats keep meowing at night, check for these reasons:

  • Hunger
  • Thirst
  • Needing to use the bathroom
  • Lack of attention
  • Underlying health issues 

This video will help you understand this case clearer:

3. Does a cat trust you if it sleeps next to you?

Yes, and it is a good sign. Only when a cat trusts you and feels safe next to you will he sleep with you.


Cats cuddle at night because they feel safe, secure, and comfortable when sleeping with you. Other reasons for this habit include the peaceful atmosphere and your soft blanket. 

If you don’t mind the fur, comfort your pets when they want to sleep with you. It’s a chance for both of you to strengthen your relationship

Thank you for reading!

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