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Does canned cat food go bad

Yes. Cat food will be harmful over time. There is always an end date on canned or dry cat food. Also, the long-time uneaten food is no longer good for your pet. You must dispose of them instead of letting your kittens eat them anymore!

Feeding your pet out-of-date food can trigger digestive upset and other health issues since it decays and loses its flavor and nutrient content.

Perhaps you know the answer well, yet are you sure that you ideally store and feed the feline? Get the ball rolling to know!

Grasp the expiration time for cat food

Does Canned Cat Food Go Bad?

Yes. Any type of cat food can expire

Unlike dogs, felines rarely eat their entire meal at once. Cat food is regularly left out during the day and spoils at the end, leaving a considerable risk. 

Bacteria thrive and replicate faster than fungus or mold. In the worst scenario, germs dominance causes fatal illnesses like listeria and salmonella.

Hence, adjusting the feeding schedule for your pets is a must. 

Kittens should be fed smaller, more often meals under 15 minutes. Using a new tablespoon every three hours is better to avoid bacterial growth.

Also, expired products are never a good source for your furry friend. Throw them away!

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How To Tell If Canned Cat Food Has Gone Bad?

See the sure sign of ruined cat food

It’s not that hard to determine the poor food. The most obvious is that your cat won’t eat it. Check for anything wrong with the food once the feline suddenly refuses to touch her bowl.

If the food becomes foul or rotting, mold or bugs have grown due to dampness or humidity exposure. Also, your pet exhibits odd symptoms after eating it, like vomiting and nausea.

Refrain from feeding the pet any canned food over its expiration date, whether or not it smells terrible.

What Makes Canned Cat Food Go Bad?

Lets see the root causes of spoiled food

Several factors cause cat food to decay and also contribute to spoilage. When canned food spoils, it usually entails one of the following reasons:

  • Exposure to air, microorganisms proliferate.
  • The mold is present because of the air’s high humidity or moisture levels.
  • Rancidity due to heat.

The best conditions for storing canned or dry cat food are in a dry and cool area. It is vital to shield the food from unexpected temperature changes, so a closet or kitchen pantry is the ideal storage location.

How To Store Wet And Dry Cat Food?

Dry Food

  • Verify that there are no tears or other damage to the bag’s seal before using it to store food.
  • Canned cat food’s shelf life fluctuates based on how it’s kept. It is best to keep it in its original container (metal or glass) and store it in a cool, dark, dry area (at less than 80 degrees F or 26.6 degrees C). Over 120 degrees F can break down nutrients and stimulate germs to thrive.
  • For plastic containers, wash them well and change them regularly, as the chemicals in the plastic might influence the food.
  • Keep the container clean between uses to avoid reusing a batch of food that may have oil residue.
  • You can freeze dry cat food for a maximum of 6-month storage using an airtight container like a Ziploc bag, freezer-safe safe plastic container, or covered glassware.

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Wet Food

How to store cat wet food properly

  • Wet cat food in unopened cans needs to be kept between 50 and 100 degrees F.
  • It should be covered and refrigerated as soon as it is opened.
  • Make the most of the plastic lid to cover any opened cans of wet cat food. Keep it fresh in the fridge with a tight-fitting container, such as a plastic bag with a zipper.
  • To keep the opened cans for another week or more, put them in the fridge between 40 and 45 degrees F.
  • A bowl of wet food should be covered and refrigerated for no more than four hours.
  • It’s possible to freeze the opened wet food. Put it in a freezer-safe container, such as a plate or plastic bag covered with plastic wrap.
  • If frozen, wet food should be defrosted thoroughly before being reheated in the microwave for no more than eight seconds to stop the food from drying out.
  • Once more, please label all food products.

How Long Does Canned Cat Food Last Once Open?

Opened canned cat food can last a few hours

Once opened, a can of cat food has a short shelf life of only a few hours.

All of us care about feeding our kitties the best we can. For dry pet food, all you need to do is store it in an airtight container, but there are some extra steps you’ll want to take to keep the food fresh for as long as possible.

When feeding your kitten from a can, provide a quantity they can finish in one go.

Each mealtime should be served in a fresh dish. You should immediately place a partially used can of cat food in the fridge with a tight-fitting lid. Be aware that most animals favor their cold food to be slowly reheated to room temperature.

This lets the food’s aroma out and helps those pets that don’t enjoy eating cold food. Any pet food that has been opened and is still uneaten should be thrown away three days after opening.

Mark the opening date on the can with a marker if you often store opened pet food in the fridge.

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Can You Use Expired Canned Cat Food?

Never feed your pet expired food

No. Giving your cat food past its “best by” or expiry date might harm their health. It’s not wise to give your furball stale food.

Inadequate nutrition might put your cat at risk for health problems like vomiting, nausea, and tummy aches. Not all decay is terrible, but if you see mildew, bugs, worms, or an unwanted stench, it’s best to wait to give your cat.

Expired dates on cat food significantly boost the danger of illness in felines. These disorders range from mild to severe, yet they always commence with digestive disorders.

Once they consume rotten food, their systems expunge the toxic substances through gastrointestinal means. After aggressively vomiting up the old meal, cats may feel sluggish, sick, or lethargic.

Final Words!

Does canned cat food go bad? Inevitably, some of the canned cat food will go bad. It’s common to go wrong before expiration if you leave it out with improper storage.

The wet food’s lifespan is noticeably shorter than that of dry kibbles. Since dry food has no moisture, it is also simpler to store. Meanwhile, canned food requires particular actions to prevent spoilage.

Because your pets cannot communicate with you, it is your responsibility to monitor the food’s freshness to provide to your cats. 

Let’s forward this post to other pet owners as well!

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