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Feeding pets is an inevitable task for any cat owner. Nevertheless, there’s a stench from cat food that might be annoying for someone sensitive to odor, especially bad smells spreading everywhere in a house. Although it isn’t pleasant, it is part of raising a pet.

Why does cat food stink? To lessen the level of annoyance, you should know more about the reasons behind this.In the post, we will also share some tricks to diminish the negative smell of pet food. Follow us now to get an answer.


Why does cat food stink

Cat foods usually come with smells

Do Most Cat Foods Smell Stink?

Yes, most cat foods have some mildly disagreeable or neutral odors, depending on how sensitive you feel about the smell. 

Their main ingredients are marrow, bone, and orphan meats. Thus, there is not much you might do to change the overall atmosphere in your place immediately. 

The type of content makes nearly all pet foods have an uncomfortable smell. But everyone has different stamina abilities in terms of odor. Some feel cat food has a terrible scent, and others might suppose it is neutral. 

If you choose a pet-food producer who adds real fish to their product, this fish odor will be combined with some additional ingredients, which are fillers or extenders. 

At this time, the trouble will get worse when cat poop has a similar smell to the food. You will try your best to handle the product in his bowl and his zone to minimize the stink in the end.

If you would like to cease the pet peeve, you can look at some other cat food brands that have been produced with various ingredients and might have a more pleasant aroma.

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Why Does Cat Food Stink?

There are three main sources to elucidate why cat food stinks: exposure to air, artificial flavors, and raw ingredients. You can try to control the first culprit, but the rest is boiled down to your choice of pet food.

Exposure to Air

Your pet not eating his meal immediately is a key root making your house stench. 

Letting the meal in his bowl, it will interact with the air around his zone inside your house. In addition, after a couple of hours, this interaction will increase the chance of ruining the pet food’s quality. 

When you experience the situation, you have no more questions about why you keep smelling cat food because the bad smell spreads everywhere in your house within a few hours. 

It’s best to ensure the pet food doesn’t stay outside its package too long.

Exposure to Air

Air exposure can leave a stink odor

Artificial Flavors

When it comes to the source of the stink from pet food, you should pay attention to the additives added to season them up. 

You will not buy just a pack of solely raw pet food when shopping. A shop assistant will deliver a bag of raw food with a particular recipe that was custom-made by the producers. This indicates they use preservatives and artificial flavors, 

Once they choose to use artificial flavors, they put the cat’s interest higher than what owners would like to smell. 

This aims to attract the cats with the flavors the pets love, pushing them to enjoy their meal more quickly. Also, this will limit the pet food left in the air for too long, which is one of the roots that make your space stink.

Raw Ingredients

It all begins with the main ingredients of your pet meal. It is raw. Borning of the cat food’s formulation is the raw ingredients (bone or marrow). 

There’s nothing seriously wrong with cats if we let them eat cooked food. However, it is best to feed them with raw food. That is a pleasant thing that is similar to nature with cats, which is towards bringing grist to the cat’s digestive systems. 

Especially if you pick canned cat food (wet cat food), it means you will choose the most uncomfortable odor. The raw ingredient combines with the high moisture content, doubling the stench level in your house.

Moisture from the wet pet food will disperse and stick to some stuff in your house, even the wall, and leave it there, gradually accumulating inside your home through many times of feeding your pet until it isn’t simple to get rid of completely. 

Raw Ingredients

Raw ingredients also have a say in the smell

How to Pick the Least Smelly Food for Cats?

We suggest restricting buying meat by-products instead of choosing an organic pet food. Meat by-products normally stink naturally. Getting acquainted with the uncomfortable smell may take a bit longer, which might affect your health negatively. 

As we stated, you can learn how cat food is made from some other pet food brands; don’t forget to search for their ingredients and flavor. If you want to have a try, shifting to a new brand might help you cease the concern. 

In addition, you should also consider an extra way, like setting up a good air purifier to remove the bad odors. 

Another economical method should be to think about installing ventilation in the place where your pet is usually fed. This allows any diffusion from your pet food to be pushed out of your place.

In The Nutshell

Why does cat food stink? From now on, it will not be a tricky query for you anymore. Taking care of a pet has never been easy, especially choosing food for your new friend in your family. 

We hope our recommendation in choosing and addressing the stench from your pet food might partly help you. 

Please feel free to drop any questions related to the topic here. We will unclog your curiosity as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your company. See you soon in our coming practical about looking after pets. 

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