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Raising a cat is considered a complex task requiring many elements, especially choosing the safe and suitable food for your cat’s health is important. Many people ask themselves, “Are Whiskas good for cats?”. This is a well-known cat food brand sold internationally, but it is ideal for these four-leg pets.

In the following article, we will share all about it.

The Primary Information ABout Whiskas For Cats

One such cat food company founded by individuals who share your love of cats and support you all the time is Whiskas. They mean it when they say, “We love cats just as much as you do.” The brand was founded to create delicious and wholesome cat food products.

Good Quality Whiskas Food Pet
Good Quality Whiskas Food Pet

The company has developed into a comprehensive health and happiness brand for cats and kittens since 1928. The company was prepared to reach the stars by 1988 and established itself as a standard in pet food cupboards worldwide.

Whiskas’ recipes and food items are supported by thorough research and advice from professionals specializing in animal nutrition. Therefore, it is reasonable to declare that Whiskas is good for cats.

Are Whiskas Good For Cats?

The answer is Yes. Whiskas Are Good For Cats because it includes nutritious and high-protein food. Whiskas is created with the help of skilled dietitians through a high-quality control process.

Because cats lack the enzymes necessary to digest plant-based components, they have a harder time digesting plant-based ingredients.

Whiskas Pate For Cats
Whiskas Pate For Cats

All of these ingredients will help cats to ingest more smoothly and effectively. 

Most Whiskas cat food has a wide range of ingredients: meat, wheat, corn gluten, natural tastes, vitamins, minerals, different carbohydrates, and much more. Therefore, you do not need to worry much about the level of safety of Whiskas Cat Food.

Moreover, the manufacturers provide various options that you can freely opt for your cats regardless of the cats’ age, sex, appetite, and contentment. You only need to reassure yourself about the quality of Whiskas and have a perfect choice for your cats.

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How Much Whiskas Do Your Cat Need To Feed?


Due to their rapid growth, kittens require up to four times as many calories per pound of body weight as adult cats. To ensure that they get the right amount of nutrients, they must have been given several tiny meals a day because their stomachs are much smaller than those of adults. 

To be more specific, kittens up to 3 months should eat 3 sachets/per day. Kittens aged 4 to 5 months need to eat 3.5 sachets/per day. kittens aged from 6 to 12 months, use 4 sachets/day. Moreover, you also should divide the meal into 2 times a day, which is better for your cat’s growth.

At around six to eight weeks after they are weaned, kittens can begin consuming up to six servings of food made specifically for kittens. Until they reach adulthood, you can progressively cut back the number of meals each day.


The kitten is regarded as an adult once it turns one year old. Your cat needs at least 240 calories daily to maintain health as an adult. You can feed your cat by giving it wet food in the morning and at night and dry food in the middle of the day.

If you provide wet food to your cat, one pouch each lunchtime should be plenty. If your cat doesn’t finish the pouch, you may store it in the refrigerator and gently reheat it in the microwave when he’s hungry again.


Senior cats may need a specific senior food because they have different nutritional needs than younger cats. Older cats typically spend more time resting and sleeping, which reduces their calorie requirements compared to younger, more active cats.

You should give your cat the same amount of Whiskas food if it is older than 7 years, but you should choose the variety with extra taurine. Because taurine will aid in preventing age-related health issues in cats, such as poor vision, heart and skin issues, etc.,

Note: The amount of food depends on the cat’s age, weight, and activity level.

  • For kittens under 12 months, cats need to eat 4-6% daily based on body weight.
  • Adult cats (aged 1 year and older) will need to eat 2.5 – 4% a day based on body weight.

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Which Is Good, Whiskas or Meow?

It is based on whether your cat is picky or not and her appetite and contentment as well. Whiskas is a better-seasoned cat food and an excellent choice for younger kittens because the pellets are smaller and easier to break.

Can A Kitten Eat Whiskas Dry Adult Food?

The answer is no. For adult cats only, the Whiskas Adult Dry Cat Food is prepared to satisfy the nutritional standards set by the AAFCO. In contrast, the manufacturers offer a kitten formula called Whiskas Kitten that is delicious and precisely prepared to fulfill the nutritional standards for all life stages.

What Percentage Of Meat In Whiskas?

On the ingredients table of Whiskas, meat and animal derivatives occupied 38% (of which 94% natural and 4% chicken).


When it comes to the question “Are Whiskas Good For Cats” Whiskas appear to be a good option with good quality, nutrition, and taste. Whiskas also offer a valuable choice with a reasonable amount of money. Therefore, don’t hesitate to choose Whiskas as a reliable food source for your cats.

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