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The smell that cat food gives off is quite annoying to many people. Yet why do I keep smelling cat food

Following are notable reasons behind your issue:

  • You familiarize yourself with the cat food smell.
  • You feel annoyed by this phantom odor.
  • You might get an olfactory hallucination or phantosmia disease.

So how to get rid of this pungent stench? Our article is the perfect site for you to land on. Let’s get started!

Why Do I Keep Smelling Cat Food?

Why Do I Keep Smelling Cat Food

We sometimes keep smelling cat food all the time

Let’s dive deeper into each of the causes.

You Get Acquainted With The Cat Food Smell

When you own a kitten, you must purchase cat food and feed it often. If not, your cat cannot survive and die within a few days. That is the point: you are constantly exposed to cat food.

Unlike human dishes, cat food also contains different ingredients, and you can feel familiar at first. Its smell could leave an unforgettable impression on your mind, so you keep smelling it frequently as a natural reflex.

The Cat Food Smell Is So Bad 

Another rationale explaining this phenomenon lies in the cat food’s ingredients. Many types of food are added with artificial flavors besides raw ingredients with the purpose of whetting your feline’s appetite.

However, the smell of these flavors is quite off-putting to many owners. If you are one of them, you might feel uncomfortable when coming across this stink. Your mind could form an obsession, and you keep smelling cat food while trying to get rid of it.

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You Have An Olfactory Hallucination Or Phantosmia Disorder

There is a high chance that you catch up with phantosmia disorder, which makes you detect the unreal smell in your surrounding environment.

This illness is rooted in numerous factors, such as a head injury, respiratory infection, aging, inflamed sinuses, aging or brain tumors, etc. If you have one of the above symptoms, appoint a meeting with a qualified doctor to solve your problem.

How To Get Rid Of Cat Food Smell?

How To Get Rid Of Cat Food Smell

There are 4 ways to keep this smell at bay

Here are several techniques you could apply to eliminate the cat food smell.

Use Some Masking Agents

Baking Soda

Baking soda stands first on the list, as its effectiveness is optimal. You only sprinkle small portions on some sites that your cat regularly moves around, such as the litter box or sofa.

This powder will remove harmful substances and contaminants, like dirt, debris, or crud on the surface. The stink would gradually disappear.

Distilled Vinegar

Vinegar is an ingredient containing acid, which is widely trusted by numerous households thanks to its low price and cleaning effectiveness.

Normally, it is used to neutralize odors rendered by smoking and cooking. But you can also fill this fluid into a tiny basin and spray the mixture onto the air to remove the cat food smell.

Vanilla Extract

Vanilla has a pleasant scent, compensating for stinging smells. That’s why it is commonly applied in the household setting to eliminate odors induced by cat food, cigarette smoke, coffee spills or candle shoots.

Coffee Grounds

You may be confused as to why coffee grounds are on our list, but they prove their competent capacity to eradicate unwanted smell. And cat food smell is one of them.

Besides aiding the removal of nasty smells, they are also good at repelling insects, deodorizing your bathroom, or even being one of the must-have ingredients in some luxurious perfumes.


Lemon makes a name for itself by containing a high acidic concentration level, which is also superb at erasing stinks stemming from cat food.

Surround Cat Food With Newspapers

Surround Cat Food With Newspapers

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Newspapers are familiar to many people, but few know one of their best properties, deodorizing. Indeed, all you need to do is wrap cat food in a sheet of newspapers, and the smell would be greatly reduced.

If that odor is so strong, you can use more sheets of newspaper as layers of a container to mask your kitty food’s smell.

Use A Kitchen Canister To Store Cat Food

The canister is airtight, so when you place cat food in it, you may sense no smell escaping from this container. However, it is quite airtight, so you could use a cookie jar or flour tin as an alternative if your cats or dogs are small-sized.

Use A Specialized Pet Food Container

Like the canister, a pet food container has an airtight barrier, which not only hides the unwanted odor but also maintains the food quality to a maximum. Thanks to this storage, you don’t have to worry about the bad smell and bacterial contamination.

How To Get Rid Of Cat Odors?

The best method is to put the chain-link kennel or your pet house far from your house. Don’t place it inside if you don’t want to solve the issue of cat food stink or excessive furs piling up on the floor.

Suppose you still desire to place your cat box in your house or room; you can use a mixture made of vinegar, fabric softener, and water and spray it in the air to alleviate the odor intensity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Causes Of Bad Odors In Cat Food?

As we have mentioned, most cat foods contain a high amount of artificial flavors and raw ingredients, relatively appalling to human noses.

How To Make Your Cat Food So Good?

How To Make Your Cat Food So Good

You can make the food less smelly

You can put it in the microwave and heat it for a while or add some water to your kitty’s dishes. Furthermore, one powder called Bisolvon – able to break down the mucus, helps cats find it easier to breathe and sense the food smell.

The Bottom Line

After our post, we hope you will explore a satisfying answer to the question: Why do I keep smelling cat food? It would be even greater if you could also learn how to eliminate the unpleasant odor from cat food.

Thank you for your support, and have a good day!

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