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Cats have some unexpected behaviors. For example, they may climb on your bed and get close to your face. So do cats check if you’re breathing in this case?

It will be perfect for cat owners to understand their pets’ language. So this guide will help you with that. We will explain the action of a cat checking your breath in detail here. Let’s read on to figure it out! 

Do Cats Check If You’re Breathing? 

Yes. When you sleep, you may wake up, realizing your cat’s nose is near yours. There are several reasons for this behavior. 


You don’t move when you sleep. Moreover, your mouth and eyes are closed, making cats think you are dead. 

What do you often do in this case? Exactly, and cats have the same thought. They will approach you, climb on your chest, and put their noses close to yours to feel your breathing.

Cats are smart. If you experience apnea or stop breathing, they will nudge your face or chest to call you up.   


Your kitties care about your health a lot. However, they may simply check your breathing when they are hungry. 

Cats meow to get your attention. Yet, if you are sleeping, you can’t hear what they are saying. The solution here is to get close to your face to wake you up. 

Remember to put water and food in their bowls before sleeping if you don’t want your little buddies to ruin your sleep. 


As aforementioned, cats can get your attention by touching your face. If you are asleep and feel your furry friends checking your breathing, they may be bored. 

If you have slept well, it’s time to wake up and spend time with them. Otherwise, hug them and continue to sleep. 

Playing with cats is an important part of caring for them. You can learn some amazing tips from this video:

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Your pets want your attention
Your pets want your attention


Cats’ intelligence may surprise you sometimes. Some cat owners share that their pets can save them from dangers, size seizures, fires, or even illnesses. For example, when your cats check on your breathing, they may be trying to alert you of risks. 


Cats have warm, fuzzy coats. However, they still love warm places to curl up in, especially on cold winter days. 

These animals love human body temperature. Hence, if they live in a condition that is not that hot, they tend to find warmth. 

Your mouth gives your four-legged pets that warmth. They don’t realize it at first. Yet, after searching for the warmth source by checking on your body, they will rest near your mouth. 


Cats are famous for their curiosity. They like to stick their mouths, tails, and paws to new places. It’s how they adapt to their surroundings. 

While it might not seem like your mouth offers much to cats, understanding how your body works allow them to adapt more effectively to their environment.

Cats are curious about everything around them
Cats are curious about everything around them

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Why Do Cats Walk On You While You Sleep? 

Cats may walk on you while you are asleep for the same reason as checking on your breathing. For example:

  • Attention seeking: These social animals want your love and use their actions to express their feelings. So, if they feel lonely, they will come close to you, even when you sleep. 
  • Comfort: Your body is a warm place for cats. Your blanket also works as an excellent warmth source. Hence, when cats are cold, they seek warmth. Then, your body (and your bed) becomes their target. 
  • Hunger: Cats may get hungry when they work too much. Even if it’s your bedtime, they will wake you up to feed them. 
  • Stress reliever: Your scent makes cats feel comfortable. Interestingly, it may be a stress reliever for your pets. 

Do Cats Like The Feeling From Your Breathing? 

If you often share the bed with cats, you may notice that they usually prefer to snuggle up beside your head. Of course, resting nearer your mouth means that they have more warmth. However, there is still another reason behind it. 

Cats have a good sense of smell. Furthermore, they often interact with their environment by using their noses.

Hence, it is conceivable that they are smelling you and becoming familiar with you better while they sleep close to you.

Also, cats like to hear your breathing. They find comfort in the rhythmic pattern of your breathing, which makes them feel secure.

Cats love your breathing
Cats love your breathing


Cats may check on if you’re breathing because they care about you. Besides, they may seek attention or warmth. In some cases, they simply want to wake you up to feed them. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn about your cats’ behaviors. Don’t forget to share it with your friends who have cats and wonder the same question. 

Thank you for reading!

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