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How to hiss like a cat? No matter why you want to practice the skill, you need the right steps to nail it. 

This article will share some tips to imitate the cat’s hiss. You can also learn more about the meaning of a cat hissing against other animals and people. 

Now, let’s get into the details! 

How To Hiss Like A Cat? 

To hiss like your cat, you need to copy a roaring sound. Otherwise, intake air from your mouth through your teeth. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  • Open your mouth widely. This posture is similar to that of cats when they hiss. You can look at the picture below to imitate.  
  • Push the air out quickly yet powerfully. 
  • The sound must come from your throat and nose and travel through your mouth to pass your teeth. 

It would be best to observe your pet closely. Then, repeat every time he hisses. Recording the sound can also be a good idea. 

Remember that hissing is a typical defense of cats, and you shouldn’t use it against people or other animals. Instead, practice this technique for fun and to give your roleplaying sessions more depth.

hiss like a cat
How to hiss like a cat?

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Why Do Cats Hiss?

Cats may hiss for multiple reasons. Learning the causes will help you understand these animals more. 


A cat hissing primarily aims to frighten other animals or people. You may often see it when a parent cat tries to protect the kittens. 

When feeling the threats approaching, cats will hiss to tell them to step back. This action also reveals their strongest weapon, the teeth. 

However, cats mostly attack with their claws because they don’t have to get too close to their enemies. 


When cats are in pain, their sensitivity level will increase significantly. When you touch a sensitive part of their body, they will hiss to warn you.  


Cats love familiar objects because they help them feel secure and at ease. As a result, new things in their environment, such as new toys or furniture, might sometimes trigger your cats to hiss. It’s a sign of anxiety. 

If you experience the same thing, slow down the process. For example, if you buy your pets new toys, slowly introduce them until the cats get used to them. 


Cats hate stresses in their habitats. As a result, they don’t deal well with stress and show apparent signs whenever they get stressed. 

For example, when cats feel nervous, they may hiss before running. Moreover, because of their fighting instinct, they will also hiss before starting a fight.

This video will reveal more valuable information about stress in cats:


Rough play may be to blame if you have kittens, and they often hiss. They probably feel annoyed because another kitten is acting too rude toward them.

Cats may hiss for multiple reasons
Cats may hiss for multiple reasons

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How To Stop a Cat From Hissing? 

Do not ignore them when you see your cats hiss continuously. Here are some measures to take in this case. 

Examine the cause

As discussed in the previous section, there are many reasons for cats to hiss. You need to determine the exact cause before thinking about how to address it. 

For example, if the cats hiss because they are in pain, you must find out the disease or injury they are suffering. 

On the other hand, if cats are stressed due to the new environment or other cats, give them more time to become familiar with the new things. Also, spend more time with them because you are what they need to overcome. 

Give them space

They may hiss because they feel uncomfortable. As a result, try to give them some space so they can settle down. Interaction now will just worsen the situation.  

Reduce the stress level

Daily stimulation for mental and physical energy will help reduce stress and anxiety in cats. You can try hiding boxes, interactive toys, cat trees, and outdoor activities.   

Seek professional help

Contact a veterinarian if your cat’s hissing habit persists or goes with other worrisome symptoms, such as aggressiveness or fear. The vets will help you determine the underlying cause and create a plan to deal with it.

How to stop cats from hissing
How to stop cats from hissing ?


To hiss like a cat, you literally make a tiny roaring sound using your throat and nose. Try to push the air out briefly and forcefully during this process. 

Cat hissing may be fun to imitate. However, it’s a sign of discomfort, stress, and many other problems cats suffer. Hence, you need to keep an eye on them and take immediate actions to address the problem. 

Thank you for reading! 

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