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The Maine Coon lion cut is a grooming technique that has gained popularity among cat owners, especially those with the majestic Maine Coon breed. In this grooming style, the cat’s fur is shaved to resemble the mane of a lion, leaving the face, neck, and a tuft at the end of the tail with a lush, mane-like appearance. 

In this exploration, we’ll delve into the benefits and drawbacks of the Maine Coon lion cut, helping you make an informed decision about this distinctive grooming choice for your beloved cat.

About The Lion Cut

The Maine Coon lion cut is an extremely dramatic cat grooming style that evokes strong emotions among enthusiasts of the Maine Coon breed.

What is the lion cut?
What is the lion cut?

In fact, it wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that bold cat grooming styles like the lion cut often ignite passionate debates within the global community of Maine Coon owners and admirers. While some owners take pride in sharing photos of their Maine Coon sporting the lion cut, others criticise them for shaving their feline companions.

Detractors argue that this practice is inhumane, unnatural, and aesthetically unappealing. The lion cut entails shaving significant portions of the Maine Coon’s fur in specific areas.

Groomers typically leave a substantial mane-like ruff of fur around the cat’s neck, intended to mimic a lion’s mane.

Some owners also retain fur around the cat’s paws, creating a look reminiscent of furry boots. The tail may either be shaved or left unshaved, but it is often trimmed short, leaving a tuft of hair at the tip resembling a bobble.

The primary aim of the lion cut is to transform the cat’s appearance to resemble that of a lion. If you’re still uncertain about what the Maine Coon lion cut looks like in practice, the easiest way to envision it is by picturing a lion!

What Does a Typical Maine Coon Lion Cut Like?

Maine Coon cats are renowned for their stunning, luxuriously long and thick fur. So, when examining the fur of an adult Maine Coon cat, you will notice that it comprises three distinct layers:

  • Undercoats: Maine Coon cats possess two short undercoats of fur that are exceptionally dense, providing insulation in even the harshest of cold climates. Frequently, loose hair gets entangled within these undercoats, so it’s crucial for owners to groom their cats regularly to prevent matting, where dead hair knots up with live hair.
  • Outer Guard Coat: The outer guard coat, partially water-repellent, envelops the two undercoats. The length and texture of this fur can vary depending on the individual cat’s genetics, appearing either silky or coarse.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Maine Coon Lion Cut

The Maine Coon lion cut, a distinctive cat hairstyle, has sparked a debate among cat lovers worldwide.

What are the pros and cons of Maine coon lion cut?
What are the pros and cons of Maine coon lion cut?

Some owners adore the various Maine Coon hairstyles available, while others remain skeptical. Regardless of your stance, there are several factors to contemplate before opting for a lion cut for your beloved Maine Coon.


  • Matting: Thick fur can become matted, and a lion cut can help prevent this issue. Owners should groom Maine Coons regularly to avoid matting. Matting can be uncomfortable for cats and may lead to skin problems.
  • Weather Conditions: Trimming fur can keep cats cool during hot summer months and prevent fur from becoming matted during damp winter months. It can help them regulate their body temperature more effectively.
  • Visual Appeal: The lion cut can make your Maine Coon look sleek and stylish, which some owners find visually appealing.
  • Grooming: A lion cut reduces the time and effort spent on grooming. While it’s true that grooming is essential for long-haired cats, the lion cut can make it more manageable for owners.
  • Cat Stress: Cats can become stressed if they cannot keep their thick, dense fur clean and groomed. Regular grooming from the owner or a professional can ensure the cat does not become stressed.


  • Unnatural Hairstyle: Some argue that the lion cut is unnatural for cats, as it significantly alters their appearance. Cats have evolved to have thick fur for various reasons, and removing it may not align with their natural state.
  • Grooming Expectations: Owners should expect grooming responsibilities when adopting a long-haired cat like the Maine Coon. While the lion cut can reduce grooming time, it doesn’t eliminate the need for grooming altogether.

Why Do You Get Your Maine Coon Lion Cut?

Owners give their Maine Coon cats a lion cut for several reasons, which can be summarized as follows:

Matting Prevention

Maine Coon cats are known for their impressively thick and long fur. While they are naturally clean animals, their dense fur makes them susceptible to matting and tangling, especially in damp or wet climates. 

Matting can be uncomfortable for the cat and even lead to health issues. To alleviate this, many owners opt for the Maine Coon lion cut, which involves trimming the fur to prevent matting and maintain the cat’s comfort.

Weather Adaptation

Maine Coon cats are not well-suited to all climate conditions due to their thick fur. In hot weather, they may struggle to stay cool because of their insulation. Conversely, they thrive in cold weather where their fur provides warmth. 

Owners living in warm climates who still wish to keep a Maine Coon cat may choose the lion cut as a way to help their cat stay comfortable and healthy in hot weather.

Visual Appeal

The decision to give a Maine Coon a lion cut is a matter of personal preference. Some owners may find the lion cut visually appealing, resembling a miniature lion’s mane, while others may prefer the natural long-haired look. It allows owners to customize their cat’s appearance to their liking.

Grooming Convenience

Maine Coon cats require regular grooming to prevent their fur from matting and becoming tangled. Cats that roam outdoors are especially prone to accumulating debris in their fur. Owners who may need more time or resources to dedicate to frequent grooming sessions may opt for the lion cut as a practical solution. 

Trimming the fur reduces the grooming maintenance required, making it more manageable for both the owner and the cat.

Why Dom’t You Get Your Maine Coon A Lion Cut?

While some owners may consider giving their Maine Coons a “lion cut” for various reasons, there are several compelling reasons why this grooming choice might not be in the best interest of the cat. Here are detailed explanations for why owners shouldn’t give their Maine Coon a lion cut:

Cat Stress:

Most cats enjoy grooming, but not all of them do. For those Maine Coons that dislike grooming or have easily matted fur, a lion cut may seem like a practical solution.

However, subjecting your Maine Coon to a lion cut can be stressful for them. The process of shaving their fur can be unsettling and cause psychological stress.

Sunburn Risk:

While not a primary reason for getting a lion cut, it’s an essential factor. Cats with shaved fur are more susceptible to sunburn than those with intact natural fur.

Owners who opt for this grooming style must take precautions, such as using cat-formulated sunscreen or ensuring the cat stays indoors or in shaded areas during hot weather.

Function of Fur:

Maine Coon cats’ fur serves essential functions. It keeps them warm in cold climates and protects their skin from sunburn in hot weather.

Giving a Maine Coon a lion cut involves removing large portions of their fur, potentially putting them at risk of hypothermia in cold weather and sunburn in hot weather.

Additionally, a cat’s fur is a sensory tool that helps them navigate their environment by providing feedback about their surroundings. Removing this fur can affect their ability to sense nearby objects.


Maine Coon cats are famous for their luxurious, lengthy, and untamed fur. Indeed, their dense coat is a significant factor that adds to the allure of the Maine Coon breed.

Regardless of one’s viewpoint, giving a Maine Coon lion cut is firmly established and continues to be a topic that stirs strong emotions among owners who deeply care for their unique feline companions.

Ultimately, the choice to trim a cat’s fur in this particular style will always be based on an individual’s personal preferences, considering the grooming needs and demands of Maine Coons.

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