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As a pet owner seeking convenience, knowing where to find the essentials for your feline friend is important. So, you may wonder, “Does 7 11 sell cat food?”

Today, we will explore the world of 7-Eleven and its potential offerings for keeping your cats well-fed. You can also find alternative solutions when you’re running low. So let’s dive in!

Does 7 11 Sell Cat Food?

The answer is Yes. 7-Eleven does sell cat food. However, the quality of their products here may not be top-notch. 

You can search on Google and find many ads promoting cat food at 7-Eleven stores across the country. But since the quality may vary, you should only use them as a temporary substitute when needed.

In addition to cat food, 7-Eleven offers pet-related items and services. For example, they provide a free delivery service for pet food. This service is convenient for pet owners who prefer having their cat food delivered to their doorstep.

7-Eleven is a general store that carries various products. They often stock dry cat food and milk, too. You can also find pet grooming products here. 

Ultimately, 7-Eleven may not be the first choice for purchasing cat food or other pet-related items. Yet, it can be a convenient option in certain situations, offering basic supplies for pet owners. So consider it when you have no other choices to feed your pets.

Some 7-Eleven stores sell commercial cat foods
Some 7-Eleven stores sell commercial cat foods

Does 7 11 Sell Cat Litter?

As a popular convenience store chain, 7-Eleven offers many products, including pet supplies. However, the availability of specific items varies from location to location. Hence, you should check with your local store to determine if they carry cat litter.

To gather more information about the availability of cat litter at 7-Eleven, you can visit their website. The company keeps updating the products on the page to inform customers of any changes.   

Another method is to contact customer service. Then, they will give you accurate and up-to-date information regarding the products offered at their stores.

Also, please note that even when your local 7-Eleven may not currently stock cat litter, it could in the future. The customer demand and preferences can affect their decision. 

By expanding the pet supply offerings, 7-Eleven can attract and retain more customers. So don’t mind if you need pet-related products in this chain.

Check if your local 7-Eleven store has any cat litter before you go
Check if your local 7-Eleven store has any cat litter before you go

Do Gas Stations Sell Cat Food?

Gas stations typically don’t have a wide variety of cat food options. Nevertheless, you can find at least a few options there. 

When it comes to cat food, gas stations usually offer a limited assortment of popular and commonly available brands. They may dry cat food or small cans of wet cat food. 

The choices are not as extensive as those found in dedicated pet stores or supermarkets. Yet, gas stations can still be a convenient option for purchasing cat food, especially on a road trip. 

Thus, check the store’s food and snack section if you are at a gas station, and your feline friend is hungry. 

Alternatively, ask an employee for assistance. They can guide you to the available options. Then, you can find something suitable to keep your feline friend fed while on the go.

Gas stations do not often have commercial cat foods
Gas stations do not often have commercial cat foods

Does QuikTrip Have Cat Food?

Like 7-11, QuikTrip is a popular convenience store chain. However, the brand doesn’t offer cat food. Instead, they focus on snacks, fuel, and convenience items for customers on the go. 

QuikTrip has a grocery section that sells food items, such as granola bars and trail mix. Unfortunately, they are not intended for your pets. 

So, QuikTrip is not the ideal place to find cat food. Even so, they can be convenient for purchasing other items and snacks.

What To Do If You Run Out Of Cat Food?

Commercial cat food is the best choice for your four-legged friends. However, you may run out of it sometimes. What’s worse, the nearby convenience store doesn’t have any pet food. 

But don’t worry! The following alternatives can keep your pets full and healthy:


Cats are obligate carnivores. Thus, they need animal-based protein in their diet. The best options for them include the following: 

  • Chicken: Many commercial cat foods contain chicken because it’s easily digestible. However, please be careful with the fat content of the meat. 
  • Turkey: Like chicken, turkey is common in cat foods. Hence, you can feed it to your pets sometimes. 
  • Lamb: Your pets receive a rich source of zinc, iron, and vitamin B12 from lamb. Yet, it may be too fatty for cats. 

Beef: Lean ground beef is good for building lean muscle in cats. It also offers many beneficial minerals and vitamins.


While cats primarily need animal-based protein, small amounts of vegetables can be beneficial. They provide additional fiber, vitamins, and minerals that contribute to a cat’s overall health. 

  • Broccoli: The abundant minerals and vitamins in broccoli are ideal for cats. 
  • Carrots: Because of their nutritional value, you can find carrots in cat food blends. 
  • Green beans: Cats may love green beans as a high-fiber and low-fat addition to their meaty meal.
  • Spinach: You can take advantage of iron, calcium, and other vitamins in spinach to help your pets grow. 

Pumpkin: Since pumpkin is rich in fiber, it can help a cat’s digestive system.

Learn more alternatives when you run out of cat foods: 7 Human Foods Cats Can Eat

Frequently Asked Questions


7-Eleven may not be the go-to destination for many cat food options. Yet, it’s worth checking your local store as they might carry a few choices. 

Besides, providing a balanced diet for your cat is crucial. As a result, just rely on specialized pet food retailers to meet their specific nutritional needs. 

Hopefully, this guide has given you some helpful options. Bear our tips in mind, and feel free to ask for help whenever you need it. 

Thank you for reading!

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