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Cats are cute, but sometimes they are naughty too. Perhaps one of the biggest headaches for you is how to discipline them.

You may wonder: “putting a cat in a carrier as punishment” Educating your pet is a must. But you also have to have scientific ways of doing things.

This article will introduce ways to discipline cats instead of keeping them in a carrier. Let’s scroll down to discover!

Is It Good If Putting A Cat In Carrier As Punishment?

Is It Good If Putting A Cat In Carrier As Punishment
Is It Good If Putting A Cat In Carrier As Punishment?

No, it is not good to put a cat in a carrier as punishment. It can cause significant stress and anxiety for cats because it leads to physical and behavioral problems.

Punishing cats by keeping them in a carrier is not an appropriate way. Cats are intelligent animals and sensitive to their surroundings. 

When a cat is in a cage for punishment, it may associate the carrier with bad experiences. They may become scared or anxious when they see it in the future.

Also, using punishment as a training method does not effectively teach the cat the desirable behavior. Cats respond better to positive support training. These include: rewarding good behavior and redirecting undesirable behavior. 

For example, if a cat scratches furniture, provide it with a scratching post instead of punishing them for scratching things.

If a cat exhibits problematic behavior, it is essential to address the underlying cause. It could be due to a medical condition or preference for a particular litter if your cat urinates outside the litter box. 

In such cases, consult a veterinarian. They can provide helpful advice to humanely and effectively modify your cat’s behavior.

Punishing cats by keeping them in a cage is not an effective training method. Instead, positive reinforcement training and addressing the cause of the behavior can yield better outcomes for both the cat and the owner.

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How To Put Your Cat In A Carrier As Punishment?

What Are The Effective Ways To Discipline Your Cat

It is essential to take an aggressive and gradual approach to properly train a cat to become comfortable when transported in a carrier. 

One way to do this is to introduce it slowly. It allows cats to explore and learn about pathogens in a safe environment. You can place familiar treats and toys inside the cage to encourage the cat to enter.

Also, you can associate your cat with positive experiences once it feels comfortable in the cage. 

Alternatively, you can create a positive association with the carrier. You can place it where the cat likes to spend time, such as near a sunny window or in a cozy spot.

If your cat is still hesitant to enter the cage, try placing a towel or blanket with your scent inside. It is to make it feel more secure. It is critical to take a patient and gradual approach. And remember not to force the cat into the cage.

You can help your cat feel more comfortable in a carrier by using patience and positive reinforcement. And it will reduce stress and anxiety for them during trips to the vet or other necessary travel.

What Are The Effective Ways To Discipline Your Cat?

What Are The Effective Ways To Discipline Your Cat
What Are The Effective Ways To Discipline Your Cat?

We will introduce you to nine ways to discipline your cat:

Use Voice

Using your voice to discipline your cat can be a humane method of correcting problem behavior. Cats are intelligent animals, and they can understand voice signals. This approach is helpful when combined with positive support.

When disciplining your cat, use a firm and authoritative voice. But you don’t scream or shout at the animal. Cats respond best to calm and consistent voice cues that convey your expectations.

Clap Your Hands

This action can startle them and disrupt unwanted behavior, but it is essential to use this method with caution. It is because sudden loud noises can make cats scared and nervous. 

Only do it once, without repetition or overdoing it. It can help cats associate noise with bad behavior. And it encourages them to stop that behavior in the future.

Use Noisy Cans

This method involves placing many coins or small stones into an empty box. And you shake it when the cat has unwanted behavior. But repeated use of this method can cause the cat to become insensitive to noise. 

Use Deterrents

In this method, you can use scents or textures that your cat finds uncomfortable to discourage unwanted behavior. Besides, you can use them consistently and immediately when such activity occurs.

Some common deterrents for cats include:

  • Citrus scent
  • Bitter apple spray
  • Aluminum foil or double-sided tape

These deterrents can stop behaviors like scratching furniture or chewing on electrical cords.

Time Out

Time out
Time out

Watch the video “time out for Cat – effective or cruel“:

When using this method, choose a quiet, safe, and secluded area for them to spend time outside. It can be a separate room or a crate. Also, the timeout should last for a short time. It is usually no more than 10-15 minutes.

Play With The Cat

You can help redirect their energy. Also, you will prevent unwanted behavior by giving your cat plenty of opportunities to play. Besides, it can help reduce stress and anxiety. Those problems can contribute to undesirable behaviors.

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Use a Spray Bottle

Many people argue about this. Some believe it can be an effective way to prevent unwanted behavior. Meanwhile, others say that it can harm a cat’s mental and emotional health. So, be careful when using this method.

Reward Good Behavior

Rewarding good behavior is an effective and positive way to discipline your cat. By reinforcing positive behaviors, you’re encouraging your cat to continue exhibiting those behaviors in the future.

To get started, identify the desired behavior you want to encourage in your cat. When your cat exhibits the desired behavior, immediately reward it with something it likes.

Visit The Vet

Visiting your veterinarian can help identify any underlying medical problems that may be causing your cat’s behavior. 

It is because maybe they are as painful or uncomfortable. Once these underlying issues stop, your pet will not have the unwanted behavior.


The best way to discipline your cat is not to put your cat in a carrier as punishment. Instead, you can use voices, claps, or deterrents.

Besides, you can try our suggestions to solve this problem. You should try to train the cat, and spend more time with them to form good discipline.

Hopefully, you will find this sharing useful. For any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. Thank you for reading!

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