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There are many ways to categorize your pet food. The most common is to define them as wet or dry. Both will have advantages and disadvantages depending on the needs and conditions of your pet.

But can you mix wet and dry cat food? Yes!

However, pay attention to choosing the right type of food and mixing ratio. Do you know how? We’re here to help! Scrolling down to get more helpful information!

Can You Mix Wet And Dry Cat Food?

Yes, this is a worth-considering solution when you want to motivate your pet to eat better or give them extra nutrients. 

Is it OK to give cats wet food every day? Not at all. They frequently stop eating because they are bored. This can be swiftly resolved by switching to a different flavor, moistening dry, or even combining wet and dry kibbles .

Wet ones have a more intriguing aroma than dry ones. Your feline drinks more water as a result. By removing plaque, the dry ones keep their teeth clean. Also, they are packed with more nutrients. 

It is the best course of action to combine them. However, there are other factors to consider, such as calorie intake, price, and health advantages.

Mixing cat food brings many benefits

Mixing cat food brings many benefits

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How To Mix Wet And Dry Cat Food?

Determine Calories That Your Cats Need

How much cat food per day? It depends on your kitten.

Taking your pet to the vet for evaluation before altering the diet is the best way to determine the calorie requirements. In this manner, you can be certain that your nutritional choices are advantageous to the cat and promote better health.

If it consumes too few calories, it will grow sickly and frail. Pets in their early years require more calories to support healthy growth and high energy levels. Adult cats are easily overweight due to a calorie surplus.

Dosing By Their Needs

You must decide how to distribute these calories among the cat’s nutritious meals. Take the daily caloric requirement as a whole and divide it into thirds. Two-thirds of these calories should be consumed as kibbles, while the remaining one-third should be with wet ones.

To guarantee correct meal consumption, always use measuring spoons or utensils. The typical method for feeding pets is to pour food into a bowl, place it out, and then replenish it as needed. 

By measuring the kitten’s food, you can ensure that it maintains a healthy weight.

Its essential to be clear about your kittys calorie need per day

It’s essential to be clear about your kitty’s calorie need per day

Feeding Time

The three main feeding patterns are as follows for owners:

  • All-day grazing: This is as easy as combining the right proportions and leaving it out for the pet to eat as they like.
  • Daily meals that are timed specifically: Divide the required amount of food into two or three smaller portions that are given at predetermined intervals.
  • Feedings with limited supply: Your little fur ball receives the entire amount of food but is not allowed to eat all at once. After a set period, the food is removed from the cat’s reach.

Adding Water

While owners should always provide their pets with access to clean, filtered water, day or night, this does not ensure that it is getting enough liquids. They frequently experience dehydration, which increases their risk of developing urinary tract infections.

Simply moistening the kibbles is an easy method to address this issue without combining wet and dry ones. Pour 14 cups of filtered, fresh water over the dry chow to accomplish this. The dish will immediately become moistened by the water.

Dos And Don’ts


  • Consult your veterinarian to learn about the best cat meals and the calories your pet requires based on weight.
  • Make sure you use a dependable calculating tool when measuring the meal.
  • Combine foods from the same life stage. In other words, don’t mis adolescent with senior cat food.
  • Make sure that the nutritional value of the wet and dry meals is comparable.
  • Combine various flavors, shapes, and textures.
  • Create delightful dishes for your pet by experimenting with different ingredients.


  • Blend therapeutic kitty food without consulting your vet first.
  • Overfeed – Carefully measure your pet’s food
  • Instead of dry ones, give your pet treats. Kitty treats sometimes have ’empty’ calories with little nutritional value, similar to junk ones.
  • Believe that all cat food is the same. Carefully read all labels.
  • Hydrate it with milk.
Pay more attention to the product you choose

Pay more attention to the product you choose

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Why Should You Mix Wet And Dry Cat Food?

Cost Saving

Mixing method can give your kitty the greatness of wet ones without breaking the wallet. Consider that one can last two days since you’ll only give your pet around half of it.

Improve Oral Health

Even though our pets and we find kibble monotonous, kibble helps to maintain good oral health. Kibble’s crunchiness gives your kitty a tasty texture and cleans their teeth. As it chews, the gritty texture scrapes off tartar and plaque. 

Additionally, kibble can assist owners in monitoring their pet’s health. You’ll probably notice immediately if your kitty has dental issues when attempting to consume their chow.

Mixed meals improve their oral health

Mixed meals improve their oral health

Boost Hydration

Kibble is excellent at giving your cat a complete and varied diet, but it falls short of maintaining your kitty’s hydration. Some of them don’t get enough moisture, which might cause urinary tract problems.

Keeping your pet well-hydrated and incorporating a small amount of wet food into its diet will help improve kidney health.

Cat’s Weight Control

Since wet food contains more water than dry one, it makes pets feel fuller and more content after eating, which can aid in weight loss.

However, pets who fail to consume enough wet food may benefit from adding some kibble to their diet without gaining too many pounds.

Your Cat Likes It

Like people, your kitty usually looks forward to when you feed them a combination of wet and dry ones. This is extremely useful if you have a pet diva on your hands who doesn’t care for dry food. Adding some wet food may pique their curiosity.

You’re In Control

You can more easily regulate their dietary and nutritional requirements by combining the two. It’s surprisingly simple to design a balanced diet plan for your kitten in collaboration with your veterinarian.


Can I Feed My Cat Wet And Dry Food Daily?

It’s best to weigh up your kitty needs first.

For example, if they are suffering from dehydration and need to provide extra moisture, wet food should be the priority in this situation. When they have a high activity intensity and require more energy, kibble is ideal.

You can consider choosing the appropriate ratio. Most importantly, consult your veterinarian for the right treatment, especially if your pet has digestive or intestinal problems.

Consult the veterinarian to feed your pets properly

Consult the veterinarian to feed your pets properly

How To Measure Suitable Mixed Cat Food Dosage?

  • Determine kitty calories needed per day (based on age, functional level, etc.)
  • Divide it into thỉrds.
  • One-third is wet food, and two-thirds is dry.

Is Mixed Food Better Than Dry Or Wet One?

This cannot be confirmed because each food type will bring its advantages and disadvantages. However, mixed cat foods are ideal for providing complete nutrients for your cat.

Your feline will have both nutrients and energy at the same time. They will also be better hydrated than just eating dry ones.

Bottom Lines

Can you mix wet and dry cat food? In short, it’s acceptable!

This method helps to boost the nutritional content of the food. In addition, it improves oral health and replenishes water for pets in meals.

It’s advisable to consult your veterinarian to determine the right amount and type of food. The quality and taste of the food you choose are also worth considering.

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