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It is a nagging question to answer: Can mix urinary cat food with regular? No. Although this practice seems harmless, there are numerous impacts it generates, even jeopardizing your cat’s safety. But why? Let’s figure out the rationales in the following sections. Stay tuned!

Can Mix Urinary Cat Food With Regular?

No. As mentioned earlier, mixing urinary cat food and the regular type is not recommended. This practice would somehow wreak havoc on the urinary food’s original functions. 

To dive deeply, the prescription food is specifically formulated for felines, which are getting down with diseases or experiencing some medical conditions. Among them, the urinary type is commonly used to maintain the appropriate level of pH and dissolved materials within the cat’s urine. 

Suppose you mix the urinary cat food into regular food; its effects will likely be reduced due to the altering quantities of nutrients, diminishing the chances of your feline’s recovery from diseases and ailments. 

Even worse, those functions could be eliminated if the divergence in dose ratios is too great. Hence, it would be best to consult a reliable pet nutritionist or vet before taking any actions that affect your cat’s overall health and expectancy.

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What Is The Difference Between The Urinary Cat Food And The Regular Type?

The difference between the two types of cat food lies in their ingredients and functions. More specifically, dishes for felines having urine problems restrict the total of minerals, such as phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. 

They are primary agents that increase the pH level and facilitate the process of forming urinary crystals and stones. Accordingly, the urinary foods are pretty acidic, as the pH degree is low. 

Besides, as we have presented above, these foods are only used for cats whose digestive systems are weakened, as shown in the bad quality of urine. 

They will, in turn, enhance the operation of this essential system, ensure the smooth flow of digestion and avert urinary tract issues. At the same time, regular cat food cannot fulfill these functions.

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Can All Felines Eat Urinary Cat Food?


Urinary cat food is exclusively used for some suffering from digestive problems. Although it is safe to feed your healthy cat this type of food, this practice will pose a great menace in the long run. 

The danger lies in the lack of materials vital for the cat’s growth, like magnesium or phosphorus. If this dish is continuously served to your feline, it will show signs of health deterioration over time, including malnutrition. 

Below are some particular targets that should avoid urinary food at all costs:

  • Newly born kittens
  • Felines that are during the pregnancy period 
  • Cats that are dealing with other medical conditions
  • Cats that are currently taking urinary acidifying medication
  • Kitties with heart disease and kidney problems
  • Cats that require special nutritional needs

What Are Some Exceptions That The Prescription Cat Food Can Mix With Regular Food?

The situation only happens when your cat constantly denies the intake of prescription food portions. In this case, you can add other foods, such as its favorite flavors, to the dish with the purpose of whetting its appetite. 

However, If your kitten consumes the urinary dish well, stop mixing different foods together given the dangers listed above. It is advisable for you to ask your vet or animal nutritionist for prompt advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Cat Not Eat The Urinary Food?

The reasons might vary greatly. It could be attributed to the pungent stench of urinary food. Under this circumstance, you should add some appetite-wetting flavors under a moderate ratio. 

Your cat may feel sick and no longer crave food intake. If this issue persists, your cat’s disease is relatively serious, so you must bring it to a nearby veterinary clinic for quick examination and treatment.

Is Urinary Food Safe For Sensitive Tummies?


If your feline has a sensitive stomach, you are advised to feed it with urinary foods that contain a low level of carbohydrates and a high amount of moisture to support the bladder.

Concerning food allergies, you should opt for the Royal Canin Selected Protein dish, which is famous for its hypoallergenic ingredients.

Such a scrumptious meal for

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, our article offers a satisfying answer to the question: Can mix urinary cat food with regular? Besides, Cat Wellness also equip you with an impressive collection of tips about cat caring that you can consider and apply if needed.  

Thanks for being so supportive, and have a nice day!

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