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Have you ever wondered if your feline friend could take on a possum? While it’s unusual, there have been rare instances of cats attacking and killing young possums.

In this article, we’ll explore the complex relationship between cats and possums and practical tips to promote peaceful coexistence in shared spaces.

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Can Cats Kill Possums?

“Cats can occasionally kill possums, but it is rare, mainly involving feral cats.”

Rare Cases of Cats Killing Possums

In the wild, there are occasional instances where cats have been observed attacking young possums. Typically, these cases involve feral cats, known for their more aggressive hunting behavior than domesticated pets.

Rare Cases of Cats Killing Possums
Rare Cases of Cats Killing Possums

Cats may see juvenile possums as possible prey due to their small size and lack of defensive skills.

Being opportunistic hunters with tenacious survival instincts, some feral cats can kill more giant creatures, such as possums, under specific circumstances. A study reveals that only a tiny proportion of native species are killed by pet cats, including possums.

However, this is far from common nature and typically happens when undeniable need outweighs potential risk or difficulty in capturing considerably larger prey like adult possums.

Possums Typically Do Not Pose a Threat to Cats

In the wild, cats and possums may cross paths. Yet, it’s essential to debunk the myth that these marsupials are dangerous to felines; they’re quite the opposite.

In truth, possums are gentle creatures with a docile demeanor, making them highly unlikely to attack unless backed into a corner or feeling threatened.

Even then, an attack isn’t their go-to strategy. They prefer escaping over confrontation due to being slow movers who can’t outrun many predators, including cats. The fear of possible harm from other animals, such as our feline friends, is even marked in their unique defense mechanism: “playing possum.”

This involves playing dead, which deters threats rather than attracting them.

This behavior echoes passive tendencies affirming that possums testifying why a cat will kill a possum is extremely low on the likelihood scale unless the former feels provoked or hungry.

So typically, do cats eat possums? Not really! Peaceful coexistence between these two species seems more common than violent power dynamics, ensuring your pet cat and the backyard opossum can be casual acquaintances if not surprisingly good companions.

How to Protect Possums from Cats

To protect possums from cats, keep your feline friends indoors or supervise them when they’re outside.

Keep Cats Indoors or Supervised Outdoors

To promote feline welfare and conservation, cat owners must reassess their pets’ outdoor privileges. Experts suggest adopting a “supervised access” approach involving careful monitoring during their outdoor outings.

This precaution shields our furry friends from toxins such as antifreeze and reduces threats posed by cats to wildlife species, including possums.

Offering limited-access environments like a ‘catio’ or cattery can be viable alternatives that ensure cats satisfy their curiosity for the outside world without risking themselves or disturbing local fauna.

Adopting this responsible pet ownership model contributes considerably to environmental preservation while guaranteeing longer life expectancy for our beloved indoor cats against those roaming freely outdoors.

Create Barriers to Prevent Possums from Entering Cat Territory

To protect possums and maintain peaceful coexistence between cats and these marsupials, it is essential to create barriers that prevent possums from entering cat territory. Here are some practical ways to achieve this:

1. Install a sturdy fence

Erecting a fence around your property can help keep possums and cats within their respective areas. Ensure the wall is at least six feet tall and has no gaps or holes that possums can squeeze through.

2. Use wire mesh or netting

If you have specific areas where possums tend to enter, such as under a deck or porch, use wire mesh or netting to block off these access points. Secure the mesh tightly to prevent any gaps.

3. Trim trees and branches

Possums are skilled climbers, so it’s essential to trim tree branches near your home that may provide easy access for them. Cut back any overhanging branches that could serve as bridges for possums to cross onto your property.

4. Seal off potential hiding spots

Possums are nocturnal creatures and seek shelter in dark spaces like sheds, garages, and crawl spaces. Seal off entrances to these areas with sturdy materials like metal screens or boards to keep them out.

5. Remove tempting food sources

Possums are attracted to easily accessible food sources like outdoor pet bowls, compost piles, and open garbage cans. Securely cover these items or bring them indoors overnight to discourage possum visits.

Provide Separate Food Sources for Possums and Cats

To ensure the safety and well-being of both possums and cats, providing separate food sources for each species is crucial. This helps prevent any potential conflicts or competition over food. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this:

For possums

  • Offer a varied diet of fruits, berries, nuts, and seeds.
  • Avoid leaving out pet food or bird feeders that possums can access.
  • If you have a vegetable garden or fruit trees, consider erecting fences or barriers to keep possums away from these food sources.

For cats

  • Provide a consistent and balanced diet specifically formulated for cats.
  • Feed cats indoors or in areas where possums cannot reach.
  • Avoid leaving cat food outside unattended, as it may attract other animals.

Coexistence between Cats and Possums

Cats and possums can peacefully coexist, often tolerating each other’s presence without conflict or aggression.

Cats and possums can peacefully coexist
Cats and possums can peacefully coexist

Possums and Cats Can Coexist Peacefully in Most Cases

Possums and cats have the potential to coexist peacefully in most situations. While they may not be best friends, they can tolerate each other’s presence without significant conflicts. Both animals are territorial, but they can share the same territory with proper management and understanding.

It is important to note that possums do not usually pose a threat to cats, as they primarily feed on fruits, insects, and small rodents. Contrary to popular belief, no evidence suggests that possums transmit specific diseases to cats.

It is more likely for cats to kill possums than the other way around. With proper supervision and providing separate food sources for both species, cat owners can ensure a peaceful coexistence between their feline companions and possum neighbors.

Encourage Tolerance and Understanding Between the Two Species

Tolerance and understanding between cats and possums are vital in ensuring peaceful coexistence. These two species have developed a mutual agreement, often negotiating over leftover cat food.

While conflicts are rare, pet owners need to foster a sense of tolerance in their cats towards possums and vice versa. We can promote harmony between these animals by creating an environment where both can peacefully share resources and territory.


Are Possums a Threat to Cats?

Possums are generally not a threat to healthy adult cats. They are opportunistic scavengers and typically avoid confrontation with larger animals like cats.

What Should I Do if My Cat Catches a Possum?

If your cat catches a possum, it is best to intervene and separate them as soon as possible. Possums can carry diseases such as leptospirosis and may defend themselves by scratching or biting.

How Can I Prevent My Cat From Hunting Possums?

To prevent your cat from hunting possums, keep them indoors or limit their outdoor access during nighttime when most wildlife activity occurs.


In conclusion, while it is rare for cats to kill possums or vice versa, instances can occur. Possums typically do not threaten cats, and they can usually coexist peacefully.

Keeping cats indoors or supervised outdoors and creating barriers to prevent possums from entering cat territory is essential to protect both species.

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