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In the charming world of Neko Atsume, a popular mobile game that revolves around collecting and interacting with virtual cats, certain feline companions stand out as particularly elusive and rare.

Among the many adorable cats that visit your in-game yard, one question piques the curiosity of players and enthusiasts alike: What cat is the rarest in Neko Atsume?

Investigating this address discloses a captivating diversion, where players enthusiastically strive to draw in and lock in with these unprecedented and sought-after textured companions.

Delve into the enchanting realm of Neko Atsume to discover the identity and allure of its most elusive cat character.

What Cat is the Rarest in Neko Atsume?

The rarest in Neko Atsume
The rarest in Neko Atsume

The most elusive cat in Neko Atsume goes by the name of Whiteshadow. Attracting Whiteshadow requires considerable patience, both to draw her to your yard and to obtain her keepsake.

White shadow appears on her own, unlike other Rare Cats, while Sapphire and Jeeves are the only pair of Rare Cats that show up together.

In Whiteshadow’s top 3 preferred items, you won’t find the usual “Goodies” – instead, “Espionage activity” and “Scouting Mission” are among her favorites.

However, for some players, only the food Whiteshadow consumed is displayed in this list. Interestingly, once Whiteshadow departs from your yard, the Game Menu’s Gift section will indicate that she played with the available food during her visit.

Out of all the scarce feline characters, Whiteshadow is renowned as the most challenging to encounter. Regrettably, her visits to your yard are also the briefest.

Unlike other Rare Cats, Whiteshadow doesn’t necessitate a store-bought Goody to make an appearance; she can be spotted in the background of the Yard. Her positioning and locations vary depending on the remodeling chosen by the player.

Whiteshadow’s departure is triggered by any activity during her stay, such as placing food or toys.

Additionally, Whiteshadow may vanish if you scroll away from her once the Yard Expansion has been acquired.

How to Get All Rare Cats in Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume is not just a game that collects cats, and it has many fun features that make it enjoyable to play. Each rare cat has unique preferences and requirements for appearing in your virtual yard. 

Here’s a guide on how to attract all the rare cats in Neko Atsume:

Bengal Jack

Bengal Jack might be one of the rarest cat in this game
Bengal Jack might be one of the rarest cat in this game
  • Personality: Reckless
  • Power Level: 66
  • Favorite Item: Luxury Treasure-Box
  • Preferred Foods: Ritzy Bitz, Bonito Bitz, Deluxe Tuna Bitz
  • Requirement: Place Luxury Treasure-Box and offer preferred foods to attract Bengal Jack.

Billy the Kitten

  • Personality: Nihilistic
  • Power Level: 250
  • Favorite Item: Cowboy hat
  • Preferred Foods: Any food except Sashimi
  • Requirement: Lay out the Cowboy hat, and ensure not to use Sashimi as food.

Bob the Cat

  • Personality: Outdoorsy
  • Power Level: (Not mentioned)
  • Favorite Item: Cat Metropolis
  • Preferred Foods: All kinds of foods
  • Requirement: Place Cat Metropolis and offer food to lure Bob the Cat.

Chairman Meow

Chairman Meow comes with unique style and level
Chairman Meow comes with unique style and level
  • Personality: Boorish
  • Power Level: 111
  • Favorite Items: Earthenware Pot, Sunken Fireplace
  • Preferred Foods: All kinds of foods
  • Requirement: Set up Earthenware Pot or Sunken Fireplace and provide any food for Chairman Meow to appear.

Conductor Whiskers

  • Personality: Vigilant
  • Power Level: 50
  • Favorite Items: Cardboard Choo-Choo, Twisty Rail
  • Preferred Foods: Any food
  • Requirement: Display Cardboard Choo-Choo or Twisty Rail to attract Conductor Whiskers.


  • Personality: (Not mentioned)
  • Power Level: 5
  • Favorite Items: Comfortable items (e.g., pillows)
  • Preferred Foods: Avoid Thrifty Bitz
  • Requirement: Place comfortable items, such as pillows, but avoid using Thrifty Bitz as food.

Guy Furry

  • Personality: Artisan
  • Power Level: 30
  • Favorite Item: Heating stove (or Glass Vase)
  • Preferred Foods: All foods except Thrifty Bitz
  • Requirement: Place heating stove (or Glass Vase) and provide any food except Thrifty Bitz to attract Guy Furry.


  • Personality: Gentle
  • Power Level: 200
  • Favorite Item: Egg Bed (Nightview)
  • Preferred Foods: Any food except Frisky Bitz
  • Requirement: Use Egg Bed (Nightview) and avoid placing Frisky Bitz to have Hermeowne visit your yard.


What is the easiest rare cat to get in Neko Atsume?

The easiest rare cat to attract in Neko Atsume is probably “Sapphire.” You can attract Sapphire using the “Deluxe Tuna Bitz” in the Tiramisu Cube or Tower of Treats.

Who is the most powerful cat in Neko Atsume?

Regarding popularity and impact on gameplay, Jeeves (also known as Frosty) is often considered one of the most powerful cats in Neko Atsume. Jeeves attracts other rare cats and has a high fish payout rate when visited.

Is there a hairless cat in Neko Atsume?

Yes, there is a hairless cat in Neko Atsume called “Jeeves” (also known as “Frosty”). Jeeves is known for wearing a suit and top hat and is a popular rare cat in the game.

How do you get 24 cats in Neko Atsume?

According to the gameplay, to have up to 24 cats visit your yard in Neko Atsume, you can expand your yard to the largest size, allowing more cats to appear.
Additionally, placing items that attract cats and using high-quality cat food will increase the chances of attracting more cats.

What is the rarest cat called?

The rarest cat in Neko Atsume is probably “Tubbs.” Tubbs is known for appearing sporadically and consuming large amounts of food before leaving. While Tubbs is not a traditional rare cat like some others, its unique behavior makes it a sought-after visitor.

Is Frosty a rare cat in Neko Atsume?

Yes, Frosty is a rare cat in Neko Atsume. Frosty, or Jeeves, is a cool cat who likes to dress fancy in a suit and top hat.
This cat easily gets the attention of other rare cats and has a big effect on the game because of how it acts and how many fish it gives out.

How do you get rich in Neko Atsume?

To accumulate more fish (the in-game currency) in Neko Atsume, you can try the following:
– Place items that attract higher-paying cats.
– Use high-quality cat food to encourage more visits from rare cats.
– Check the game regularly to collect fish and refill food bowls.
– Purchase the “Gold Fish Exchange Ticket” from the in-game shop to convert silver fish into gold fish.
– Invest in yard expansions to accommodate more cats and items.


In conclusion, we answered the question, What cat is the rarest in Neko Atsume? The rarest cat in Neko Atsume, a popular cat-collecting mobile game, is Jeeves.

Jeeves is a rare and hard-to-find cat that adds excitement for players who want to collect all the cats.

So, keep your goodies and toys ready, as attracting Jeeves will undoubtedly require patience and strategic play.

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