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Cats are cute, but they can be mischievous sometimes. One of the cat owners’ biggest headaches is finding their fur on the furniture, especially the countertop. Some even scratch the surface. 

So how do you deal with this problem? Training your pet is a must. But you can also try essential oils to keep cats off furniture

This article will recommend the most effective oil for this purpose. You can also find out some tips to handle it. Let’s scroll down to discover! 

Why Do Essential Oils Deter Cats? 

Many essential oils have a powerful scent. People may find it normal, but there is another story for cats. 

These animals have a strong sense of smell. Hence, they can even notice the slight aroma in the air. And as you may guess, the strong scent of essential oils will turn out overwhelming for your pets. 

Moreover, essential oils also include substances that smell like pheromones from the cats’ predators, such as tigers and lions. 

So, once cats detect those smells, their natural instinct will work, urging them to hide or run away from the danger. 

With that thought in mind, you can use essential oils to deter cats. However, this method can be dangerous. 

Essential oils may have toxic substances to cats. Your four-legged buddies will experience vomiting, irritation, or diarrhea when absorbed. 

So, you can only use some types of essential oils to keep cats away from your furniture. We will recommend the best solutions for you in the next section.

Cats do not often like essential oils
Cats do not often like essential oils

5 Best Essential Oils To Keep Cats Off Furniture 

The key here is to find oils that can keep cats away but are safe for them. You can experiment with these options to find out the ones work best. 

Eucalyptus oil 

Eucalyptus oil
Radha Beauty Eucalyptus Essential Oil 4 oz

We love how minty and woody eucalyptus oil is. But cats don’t think the same way because it smells like Tiger balm and Vicks vapor rub. 

Instead, the unique odor of this oil is too strong for these animals. Hence, they will tend to stay away from places with this scent. 

To use eucalyptus to keep your pets off the furniture, soak a towel or cotton balls in the oil. Then, put them in that area. 

Another idea is to spray or sprinkle a towel with the oil. Then, use it to rub your furniture. 

Citronella oil

Artizen 30ml Oils - Bergamot Essential Oil
Artizen 30ml Oils – Bergamot Essential Oil

People use lemongrass to make citronella oil, giving it a citrus-like odor. As a result, cats will stay away from the oil. 

To use citronella oil, mix it with water and pour it into a spray bottle. Then, shake it and spray it on your furniture. 

Citrus/lemon oil 

Lemon Oil
UpNature Lemon Essential Oil 

The peels of lemon plants are the primary substances of lemon/citrus oil. This strong odor will be offensive to cats. 

There are two ways to use lemon oil to protect your furniture from cats’ fur:

  • Soak a towel in the oil and place it on the furniture. 
  • Make a spray solution by mixing lemon oil and water in equal parts. Then, spray it on the furniture surface.
Citrus oil is offensive to cats
Citrus oil is offensive to cats

Lavender oil 

Lavender oil
Sun Essential Oils

The lavender scent must be one of our favorites. You can easily find soaps or perfumes with this floral aroma. 

However, cats don’t like lavender. Its smell is too strong for the sensitive nose of your furry buddies. 

If you want to use lavender oil to prevent cats from attacking your furniture, immerse a towel in the oil and place it on the furniture. 

Spraying can also work. You may mix the oil with water in equal parts and spray the mixture in the intended area.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil
Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Scalp

Rosemary is a famous herb widely used in cooking and cosmetics. Its unique and natural scent is easy to recognize. Yet, cats have the opposite opinion. 

You can use rosemary oil to keep cats away from your furniture by spraying. Some people even put rosemary plants on the countertop so cats won’t spoil their kitchen area. 

Rosemary scent is too strong for cats
Rosemary scent is too strong for cats

Why Do Cats Jump On Counters?  

The kitchen area is the most attractive to cats among the furniture in your house. You can explain this tendency in different ways. 

Taste of food

Cats have a sensitive sense of smell. Hence, they can immediately detect the odor of their favorite food. 

You may notice that your furry pets like to climb on your countertop most when you are cooking. It’s because hot food smells the best. 


These animals need love. But sometimes, you forget to show them your affection because you are too busy with your cooking time. Then, your pets will jump onto the counter to get closer to you and seek attention. 


Cats are predators by nature. Before starting their hunt, they have to find prey first. And nothing is better for this than standing on a high surface. 

Your cupboard and wardrobe are also common places for cats to jump onto. However, these pieces of furniture can be too high in some houses. Hence, the best location is still your countertop.

Cats love your countertop for some reason
Cats love your countertop for some reason

How Do You Use Essential Oils to Deter Cats? 

There are two main ways to use essential oils to deter cats from your furniture: spraying and placing the oil-soaked towel on the furniture. You can apply both of them with most oils. 

However, aside from the methods mentioned above, you need to bear in mind some tips when working with the oils. For example: 

  • These oils are often highly-concentrated liquids. They may, therefore, irritate your cats. So it’s important to dilute the oil with water properly before applying the oil.
  • Test the mixture on the small area first to ensure it won’t damage the surface of the fabric. 
  • The scent of the oil can’t remain long. Hence, remember to reapply it regularly. 
  • If your cats are allergic to the odor, stop using it. You may need to take your pets to the vet once there are any signs of severe allergy.
Tips for handling essential oils
Tips for handling essential oils

Other Ways To Keep Cats Off Furniture 

Essential oils are not the only way to prevent cats from jumping onto your furniture. The following methods can also work.

Attract cats to another place

Cats won’t find your furniture interesting anymore if you give them something more exciting to play with. For example, a scratching post can become a designated place for them to climb and scratch. 

Besides, some cats attack the furniture to get your attention. So why don’t you spend more time with them? Playing with you must be the best distraction ever. 

Wrap the furniture

Cats love scratching and will scratch more if they leave marks on the surface. But once you cover your furniture with other materials, such as plastic or aluminum foil, your pets will quit their scratching hobby. 

Train the cats

Training is a crucial part of raising a cat. One of the most important training lessons must be not destroying your furniture. Positive reinforcement will do the trick. For example, you can give your pets praise, food, or treats when they avoid the furniture.


The best essential oils to keep cats away from your furniture are the scents that cats hate. Yet, they must be safe for your pets. 

You can try our recommendations to avoid this problem. In addition, try to train your cats and spend more time with them to form good habits. 

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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