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Can you vacuum seal dry cat food? The short answer is yes!

This doesn’t mean you need to vacuum all the kibbles you have right away! To ensure their quality, you will also need to pay attention to a few other issues. 

Keep reading to know more about it! You’ll also receive alternatives for storing. Let’s get started!

Can You Vacuum Seal Dry Cat Food?

Yes. As mentioned above, vacuuming is worth considering for storing pet kibble if you have a large amount. Can cat food expire? For sure! That’s why keeping an eye on its usage time and portion per package is advisable.

Usually, people will divide the amount of food evenly into the bags. To separate, you can base your kibble amount on each day or week. Obviously, the smaller the amount, the faster the cat will eat it, avoiding reducing the quality of the leftovers in the bag.

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Is Vacuum Sealing Ideal For Storing Cat Food?

Not for a long time.

It is not advised to repackage dry pet kibble in vacuum sealed pouches for long-term storage because even dry ones contain moisture like fats and oils.

The incorrect storage container may result in a greasy coating accumulating on the container’s sides that will rot. The oils and fat in dry kibble will still grow rancid even if you seal them in bags containing oxygen absorbers and silica packets.

How long is dry cat food good for? It would be better if you carefully read the instructions and information on the expiration date from the manufacturer before using them.

Other Cat Food Storing Alternatives To Consider

Of course, vacuuming is not the only method. You can refer to some of the ways below when the house does not have seal bags or find it not ideal.

Glass Jars

Glass jars have clamped or screw-on tops that guarantee an airtight seal. They are a new, contemporary method to keep cat food since you can easily see what’s inside and find what you’re looking for.

Reusable Plastic Containers

You can designate one of these containers specifically for pet kibble. They are available in a variety of designs and sizes. 

If you don’t already have any of these containers, you may get them for a reasonable price in various places, including discount shops, home improvement stores, and grocery stores.

Reusable Plastic Bags

Reusable plastic bags are a great option for keeping it when you don’t have much space for large containers or prefer bagged kibble. These bags with sealable tops are a very economical and practical way to store things.

How To Store Cat Food Properly

Choose The Right Container

First, prepare the container you have. Otherwise, just buy one, preferably one that can be reused for a long time. If you’re still confused, check our suggestion above.

Label It

Why should you label them? Of course, it saves time for use. Even if you say you have a clear box or glass jars, labeling still needs to be done. 

This step can be skipped in case you are only using a single cat food. However, we often prepare more than one type for our pets to stimulate their appetite and improve their taste, avoiding confusion.

Keep It In The Dry And Cool Place

Now you have clearly labeled jars or bags. Find a cupboard in the kitchen or living room to store them. The requirement, in this case, is that the environment is kept cool, dry, and dark to maintain freshness. Too much heat during storage could cause vitamins in the food to be destroyed and promote the growth of microorganisms.

Dark, dry and cool places are ideal for storing cat food

Dark, dry and cool places are ideal for storing cat food

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Arrange The Container By Expiration Date

When opening any bag of kibble, you also need to pay attention to its expiration date. Some types can be used for one to two years, while others have a shorter shelf life – just a few months (provided they are stored properly as instructed by the manufacturer).

Those with the shortest lifespan should be kept in the front of the pantry or cabinet, even when you have carefully labeled all your containers with precise expiration dates. 

You might feel pressed for time when giving your cherished cat dinner because felines can be quite demanding. When it’s time to feed your pet, you won’t have to bother sorting between containers since those with the shortest expiration dates will be at the front.

What You Should Notice

Dry pet kibble is always packaged in large, non-resealable bags, leaving it open to the elements and other pollutants like dust and grime. So storing the odds and ends in a durable, sealable container or bag is the best method to ensure it stays tasty, edible, and fresh.

Final Thoughts

Can you vacuum seal dry cat food? Certainly.

What to remember is the portion and use time of each package. It’s advisable to divide it into small-amount bags for short use. This is the best way to keep them fresh and avoid being oily.

Don’t forget to store kibble in a dark, cool, ventilated place. Careful sorting and sorting by the expiry date will save you considerable time.

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