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Not only is dry food convenient for cat owners, but its crunchy texture promotes chewing and keeps the cat’s teeth clean. That is why it is irresistible for both cats and ailurophiles. 

Still, many people raise concerns about whether dry food is the reason for cat constipation. 

So, can dry cat food cause constipation? Yes, it is more likely that feeding dry foods to cats can cause the cat’s constipation. However, it is not simple like that. There is more you need to know. 

Let’s get to the details right now!

Can Dry Cat Food Cause Constipation?

Yes, but dry cat chow does not induce constipation on its own. Other factors that happen simultaneously when you feed your cat dry food will lead to constipation, such as lack of water, medical problems, dehydration, etc. 

We show you all the deets about each of the causes so that you have a big picture of the problem.

What Makes Cats Have Constipation Problems?

Medical Problem

A variety of medical conditions can cause constipation. Therefore, it’s crucial to rule them out with your cat doctor. 

Problems with bowel movements, nerve injury, and structural abnormalities of the gut can be the reason for constipation.


Since feces is essentially the result of any meal consumed, the diet significantly impacts stool production. It is time to thoroughly change the cat’s diet if they are experiencing something abnormal.

First and foremost, we urge that you discontinue giving dry food if this is the entire meal you give them these days. Dry food leads to significant dehydration in your cats, and it will ruin any attempt to get your cat to defecate readily and frequently. 

When your cat is dehydrated, all of the water that passes through the gastrointestinal system will be absorbed back to the cells to rebalance the fluid in its body. There is little water left in the gut contents to facilitate digestion as a result. 

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We cannot stress enough how vital it is to make sure that the cat consumes plenty of water throughout their diet. They need about 70 to 80% water via their meal. 

Giving your cat water separately from their food can not replace the water in their diet. Your cat needs a balanced, healthy raw food regimen. 

Canned food or homemade cooking would be the next optimal option. This straightforward approach can help most normal cats with constipation difficulties. You can reference what cats should eat daily to treat them to quality and healthy food daily.

Sedentary Lifestyle

Blood travels throughout the cat’s body and is significantly reduced when your pet spends the majority of her time sitting or lying down. This impacts the cat’s capacity to defecate, among several other things. For cats, excessive lying/sitting down can be a serious issue.

Cats Excessive Lying Causes Constipation
Cat’s Excessive Lying Causes Constipation

Cats tend to snooze for a significant portion of the day, and keeping them active while they are up is of paramount importance. 

Some indoor activities are highly recommended if the outside is not ideal for your environment.


Since dehydration is related to several other bodily processes, it is the leading cause of constipation in animals like cats. 

In fact, cats have a lower water drive than most animals, which makes them more susceptible to dehydration. And felines don’t become thirsty unless they are severely dehydrated.Check out what cats can drink to serve your king with the proper and right amount of water.

Water Deficiency The Cause Of Constipation
Water Deficiency – The Cause Of Constipation

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Inadequate Omega-3

It is unlikely that your cat will take in adequate Omega 3 fatty acids if they consume processed grains or legumes. 

Omega 3 helps decrease inflammation in the body. Besides, the cat’s brain relies on Omega 3 to develop and sustain its everyday functioning. Therefore, insufficient amounts can lead to malfunctioning cat digestion problems. So keep this in mind when you prepare your cat’s diet.

Unbalanced Microbiome

You could think of checking the cat’s microbiota when you’re genuinely baffled about why your cat has constipation after you get all the preceding options checked. 

The findings of this examination can assist you in choosing the right meals & probiotics to assist the cat’s microbiome in getting back to normal.

What To Do To Treat Constipation In Your Cat?

Bring Your Pet To A Veterinarian For A Screening

Make sure there isn’t a hidden health issue affecting your cat.

Put Processed Foods To Rest

Ensure your cat receives the nutrition required for proper brain function.

Work With A Nutritionist

A balanced food diet is important for your cat. When you don’t know what to do, check with a professional for better care for your pet.

Test The Microbiome Of Your Cat

This can clarify problems and provide solutions if you’re truly stuck, and you have no choice left.


Now you know everything about cat constipation and the question: can dry cat food cause constipation?! Understanding the integral role of diet, medical problems,  unbalanced microbiome, and inadequate omega-3 in bowel activities will help you support your pet the best! 

We hope your cat is always in a good condition.

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