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Occasionally, your cat might accidentally eat something terrible or interact with uncertain substances that give them diarrhea. Going to a vet or pet hospital can be expensive, or you just don’t have the time to take your precious little fur ball there. For you, the best choices right now are home remedies.

What home remedy can I give my cat for diarrhea? You must be wondering. The most common way to treat diarrhea with home ingredients is bland diets with additional water and fiber, though you should also consider other elements like probiotics.

Let’s take a look at the root causes of the problem first!

How Can You Tell If Your Cat Is Having Diarrhea? This Is The Answer!

Mucus, Worms Or Blood Within Stool

The easiest way to identify diarrhea is by looking at your cat’s stool, which is softer and more watery with plenty of mucus. At first, it would be difficult to find out since cats tend to hide their feces, so you should pay attention to the distinctive smell of diarrhea stool.

If your cat’s severe diarrhea, you might find worms or blood in the stool. This is a sign of severe infection, so you should take careful consideration.


Diarrhea also makes your feline vomit uncontrollably. They can no longer digest certain types of food, including raw meat, fish, and usual diets, which can cause unpleasantries for their stomach.

If you notice your pet suddenly spit out in your house, they likely have diarrhea. Nausea also affects body balance and will make them fall over while walking.

Loss Of Appetite

Ignoring food is also a common sign of diarrhea. Your cat would refuse to finish their favorite dishes due to uncomfortable sensations within their stomach. Nevertheless, it would be best not to force them to complete the meal because spoiled food will worsen their symptoms.

Tiredness & Weight Loss

Prolonged diarrhea is sure to drain your little buddy’s strength and bodily water drastically. They will no longer be jaunty or energetic with their usual behaviors while mostly walking around tiredly and aimlessly, trying to reduce the pain.

As your fur ball gets tired of the food, it will eventually lose weight. This can lead to malnutrition and increasing depression the longer they suffer from diarrhea. You must consider appropriate diet changes and medicine for your kittens to avoid allergies and anorexia.

If you are not cautious, these prolonged symptoms can severely affect your little fluffball’s digestive system and cause serious health problems for them.

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Reasons For Cat Diarrhea

Felines look less active when suffering from diarrhea

Infection (Viruses, Bacteria)

Common cat diarrhea is caused by Rotavirus, a double-stranded and wheel-shaped RNA virus infecting humans and cats. They are the primary trigger of dysfunction in the intestine, leading to diarrhea and gastrointestinal upset. However, severe cases of diarrhea are more complex and require further examination.

Intestinal bacteria also contribute greatly to your cat’s digestive system. Imbalanced bacterial activities in the bowels might result in improper food digestion and diarrhea in cats. Other infections include parasites and fungal infections.

Inflammatory (Allergies To Food Or Medicine)

Inflammation from allergies is also followed by diarrhea. Usually, veterinarians would run a full diagnosis while analyzing tissue samples or microscopic exploration of stool to identify the factor that caused inflammation within the stomach.

Cats are usually allergic to fleas, house dust, pollen, and molds. Some cats are also sensitive to specific elements of medicine, so you should be careful while choosing treatment for them.

Poisonous Toxin

Interaction with specific chemicals also endangers your cat’s well-being, for example, paracetamol and ethylene glycol. Many of these substances are often found in household medkits, which are harmless for humans but poisonous for cats.

For that reason, you should keep them away from your cats. Always lock the medicine boxes so your cat won’t accidentally touch them.

Other Factors

Diarrhea can come from other factors like cancer or a stressful environment. You should consider them.

Cat with chronic diarrhea? Watch Dr. Sarah Wooten explain the causes, symptoms, and treatment in this video below:

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What Home Remedy Can I Give My Cat For Diarrhea?

Bland Diets

To address the situation, you should replace usual diets with bland food. The most common recipe is crushed brown rice mixed with boiled chicken, which is nutritious and rich in fiber and energy that can keep your cat full for a longer period.

To prepare the meal, boil the chicken, de-bone, and mince or chop it up. Chicken liver is richer in taurine than chicken breast, so consider adding some to their meal. If you have time, try to crush some brown rice for your kitty and cook them properly afterward.

The brown rice & chicken recipe should only be used for sick days since your cat will grow bored of the bland flavor.

Fiber Intake

The most critical factor in a diet for cats with diarrhea is fiber. Cats usually do not require much fiber in their diets, but a significant amount of fiber is needed to heal their intestines from the effects of diarrhea. 

Though they might not enjoy eating vegetables, you can adjust their fiber intake by mixing components in their meal such as carrots, beans, and broccoli.

If your pet has long-term diarrhea, you can try switching the amount of fiber within their diet. Look for cat foods with approximately 3% or lower in fiber, or add some canned beans or pumpkin to their dishes to increase the fiber level.

Water & Electrolytes

Dehydration is a severe aftermath of diarrhea. Constant water loss can lead to more diarrhea and other health issues if unattended, so be sure to provide your cat with plenty more water than usual. The water should contain valuable electrolytes to protect against dehydration.

To remind your cat to drink more occasionally, you should place a water bowl around your house where your cat usually walks around. They will always have enough water to drink when tired and dehydrated. Don’t forget to replace old water if left out for too long!

Probiotics And Other Medications

Probiotics can retain and stabilize the amount of nutrition and bacteria within a cat’s bowels. These bacteria help break down food and restore balance levels that have been lost to acute or chronic diarrhea. 

A common medicine for cat diarrhea is Nutri-Vet, but you should consult veterinarians before adding probiotics and other medications in your little buddy’s diet.

You must follow these remedies for a while before your cat is fully healed from diarrhea. They might soon turn their back on the old bland diets and strict nutrition intake, but you must know what’s good for them and make them go on a diet properly.

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Tips For Treating Cat Diarrhea

Cat needs treatment soon

Cat’s usual behaviors are significantly reduced when they get diarrhea because of belly pain and dehydration. Try to spend more time with them by giving them a massage or a good petting; they will feel your love and be at ease.

It is very important to let your kitty rest and heal, so keep them off distractions like children, loud noises, or flashing lights. Arrange a quiet and warm sleeping place to keep them comfortable. Remember to put food and water near their sleeping area so they can easily reach out whenever needed.

If home remedies fail to heal your cat, it would be best to take your little fluff ball to a veterinary or a pet hospital. Let the professionals do their jobs and give your kitten a proper diagnosis, so they can offer suitable medicine and treatment that you can follow.


Can You Prevent Cat Diarrhea?

Yes. It is possible to prevent diarrhea by keeping tabs on your kitty’s behavior and underlying diseases such as allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, pancreatitis, etc. Don’t make sudden changes to your cat’s diet unless necessary.

Will Cat Diarrhea Go Away On Its Own?

Yes. Most cases of cat diarrhea will resolve in a few hours or days without attention; however, it also depends on the cat’s immune system. Severe signs, including vomiting, bloody stools with worms, or watery stools, are harder to treat and call for more attention from the owner.

What Can I Feed My Cat To Stop Diarrhea?

The best foods for cat diarrhea are brown rice, chicken breast, and chicken liver, in addition to fiber-rich foods like pumpkin, beans, and carrots.


To avoid a vet visit, you should monitor your cat properly and prevent them from accidentally eating something bad. Be aware of their activities, like pooping, stool color, and eating habits, to identify problems with their digestive system and take action in time. So what home remedy can I give my cat for diarrhea? With this article, we hope you have found the answer to your question. Thank you for reading!

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