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Cats have captivated humans with their diverse and enchanting features for centuries. Among the many unique characteristics that feline enthusiasts admire, one question that often arises is, “Are there any cats with floppy ears?” While most people associate pointed, upright ears with cats, some intriguing feline breeds deviate from this norm. 

In this exploration, we will delve into the world of cats with floppy ears, uncovering the breeds that possess this endearing trait and shedding light on the charm they bring to the world of cat lovers.

Are there any Cats with Floppy Ears?

Yes, there are several cat breeds with floppy ears. These breeds include the Scottish Fold, the American Curl, and the Oriental. While not all cats in these breeds have floppy ears, it is a distinctive feature that sets them apart from other feline breeds.

The Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold, known for its distinctive folded ears, boasts more unique features than meet the eye.

Along with those charmingly folded ears, they sport round faces and legs shorter than their feline counterparts, causing them to tread lightly. The origin of this fascinating breed traces back to Susie, a feline resident of a Scottish farm in Perthshire, who later adopted monikers like Highland Fold and Coupari.

The Scottish fold cat
The Scottish fold cat

Susie’s legacy lives on through her descendants, two of whom inherited her extraordinary earfold. William Ross, a neighbour with a keen eye for genetics, embarked on cultivating this breed alongside geneticist Pat Turner.

All kittens, including Scottish Folds, commence their journey with flat, straight ears, which gradually stand erect by the third week of life. However, what sets Scottish Folds apart is that most of them sport their signature ear fold by the time their ears stand tall. Yet, it’s worth noting that not all Scottish Folds have this distinctive folded appearance; those without it, known as “straights,” will always have ears that remain straight.

The American Curl

In stark contrast to the upright ears seen in most feline breeds, the American Curl showcases ears that curl gracefully, maintaining a delightful “floppy” demeanour. Cat enthusiasts across the globe highly treasure these uniquely curled ears.

The american curl
The American Curl

Much like the Scottish Fold, the story of this floppy-eared breed began serendipitously in California during the early 1980s when stray cats displayed this rare trait.

One such stray found a welcoming home with Joel and Grace Ruga in Lakewood, California, where it started a lineage of kittens that continued to exhibit the captivating ear curl. Formal recognition by the FCA came in 1999, solidifying the American Curl’s place in the feline world.

American Curl cats are known for their playful curiosity, retaining their sense of humor as they age. Their boundless energy and adaptability make them likely companions for humans as they navigate their homes, often forming remarkably close bonds.

The Oriental

The Oriental breed, known for its strikingly wedge-shaped heads, presents a variation in its ear structure. While show cats of this breed must have straight, erect ears according to the standard, some Orientals feature lower ears that may even fold slightly at the tips, creating a floppy appearance.

The Oriental cat
The Oriental cat

Originating in Thailand, these supple and elongated cats earned the nickname “bat-eared cat” due to their distinctive ears. Despite their Thai origins, like several other breeds on our list, they found their true development in the United States. These muscular yet sleek cats possess abundant energy, making them suitable for active households.

Oriental kittens are born with ears that fold over, gradually becoming more erect as they mature. However, owing to their generous size, their bat-like ears remain floppy when they play and move. Although they may share some health concerns with Siamese cats due to their ancestry, they can lead long, healthy lives.

The Persian

Persian cats may not be celebrated for their ears like the Scottish Fold or American Curl breeds, but they are renowned for their luxury and glamour. With their long, plush fur, friendly visages, and serene dispositions, Persians have secured their place as the most popular cat breed in the United States.

The persian cat
The Persian cat

These domestic felines do possess one distinctive feature: small ears. This sets them apart from the Turkish Angora, selected back in 1989, and is further emphasised by their voluminous, coarse coats.

The Himalayan

The Himalayan breed emerges from a fusion of Persian and Siamese lineage, resulting in a graceful and refined appearance. Sporting Siamese-like pointed markings on their faces and ears, along with Persian-like doll-like features, large eyes, and plush coats, Himalayan cats are truly a sight to behold.

The Himalayan cat
The Himalayan cat

Despite their overall stature and thick, long-haired coats, their ears remain notably petite. Positioned wide apart and adorned with rounded tips, these diminutive ears are the small yet exquisite finishing touch to their striking appearance.


Do other cat breeds have floppy ears?

While the Scottish Fold is the most famous, some other rare cat breeds with floppy ears, such as the American Curl and the Highland Fold.

Are floppy-eared cats more prone to ear problems?

No evidence suggests that floppy-eared cats are more prone to ear problems than cats with straight ears. Proper ear care is essential for all cats.

Can I adopt a cat with floppy ears from a shelter?

It is possible to find cats with floppy ears in shelters, although they may not always be purebred. Shelters often have a variety of cats in need of loving homes.

How do I care for a cat with floppy ears?

Cats with floppy ears require the same care as any other cat. Regular grooming, ear cleaning (if necessary), and routine veterinary check-ups are essential.

Are floppy-eared cats good with children and other pets?

A cat’s temperament depends on its individual personality and upbringing rather than the shape of its ears. Some floppy-eared cats can be great with children and other pets, while others may have different temperaments.

Can I show a cat with floppy ears in cat shows?

Scottish Folds and other cats with floppy ears can be shown in some cat associations and competitions. However, specific rules and regulations may vary, so it’s best to check with the relevant organisation.


In conclusion, we answer you question: are there any cats with floppy ears? Although not as common as their pricked-ear counterparts, cats with floppy ears add a delightful and unique dimension to the diverse world of feline breeds.

From the Scottish Fold’s enchanting folded ears to the American Curl’s distinctive backward curl, these cats showcase the beauty of genetic diversity in the animal kingdom.

Whether you are drawn to their distinctive appearance or affectionate personalities, cats with floppy ears continue to capture the hearts of cat enthusiasts worldwide.

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